The Benefits of an Outdoor Sprinkler System

How to Design a Sprinkler System 

To design a sprinkler system, you will need to measure the area of your garden that you wish it to cover and plan a scaled-down design on paper. You should check your water pressure (you can use a water gauge for this) and factor this in. Different areas of your garden will most likely require different levels of watering (due to factors such as specific plants and types of soil, and levels of sun or shade), so you should separate your garden into different “Hydrozones” to account for this.

For the sprinkler heads, you can use fixed and/or rotating heads – there are plenty on the market to choose from. The piping can be a difficult part of designing an outdoor sprinkler system – if you have no idea whether using a Red Oxide threaded pipe is the best option, get in touch with the specialists for some great advice.

The Benefits

An outdoor sprinkler system can have many benefits for your garden. Not only can an outdoor sprinkler system provide automatic hydration for your lawn and plants without you having to spend time manually watering them every day, but a sprinkler system can also be fun for your kids to play in when it is hot outside! Just make sure it’s not in a place that can cause accidental injuries though!

Easy Lawn Care

Outdoor sprinkler systems can keep your lawn lush and green whatever the season without you having to water it yourself. If you want to relax and enjoy the summer without having to worry about constantly filling up a watering can, a sprinkler system can ensure that your lawn looks healthy and you can enjoy it with your friends or family! The convenience offered and time saved by a sprinkler system is a real game-changer.

Saving Water 

Using a hose or watering can means that some areas of your garden are over-watered whereas other areas may be completely dry! Unless you spend hours a day watering, it is hard to avoid this. With a well-designed outdoor sprinkler system, you can ensure that each part of your garden (whether your lawn, plants, or flowerbeds) gets exactly the right amount of water. This can save water, which is good for the environment as well as your water bills! 

Saving Money

As well as reducing your water bills, a sprinkler system can help maintain the landscape of your garden, which can, in turn, increase the value of your property! Homebuyers value pleasant gardens, and a well-maintained lawn can be a real selling point, especially for the summer.

Although designing and installing a sprinkler system can be difficult, it is usually worthwhile in the long-term, saving you and your family time, money, and hassle. The environmental benefits are also notable. If you want to spend your summer relaxing and enjoying your garden rather than worrying about continually watering it yourself, an outdoor sprinkler system may be the right choice for you – not to mention, kids love playing with them!

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