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My boys have spent many a happy hour browsing through the Smyths Toys catalogues over the years, checking out all of the available toys and making lists around the time of birthdays and special occasions – But did you know they also have a Baby Room catalogue with everything you’ll need to welcome a new arrival into the family, and to see you through the baby and toddler years.

I’ve been taking a look at the new Smyths Baby Room catalogue and was impressed with the wide range of products from the essential car seats and pushchairs, to nursery furniture and of course toys too!

It was great to see information about extended rearward facing explained in the car seat section of the catalogue, as this is something so many parents and grandparents ask about and may not be sure of the  laws or the benefits, and as you can see mentioned in the catalogue you can go and make use of the free car seat fitting service in store to get any advice or help that’s needed – something that can be really helpful when you’re unsure which car seat will best suit your car, or want to feel reassured.

Another purchase I have been thinking of making is a potty, and all of the toilet training supplies. With N now 2 years old, this next stage is on my radar – and although it’s never my favourite part of toddlerhood, having all the right equipment can at least make toilet training run a little more smoothly. I have been wondering about the summer infant potties that look just like real toilets!

I can never resist having a little browse through the toys too, and always get tempted by anything educational or that can help the children’s development. We have a car rug just like this in our playroom, and it gets so much play time from N. We also reviewed the Car Transporter last year, which you can see here on the shelf. This is from Smyths’ own Big Steps range which they have developed just for toddlers.  Another toy here that I’ve heard so many parents raving about is the LeapFrog ice cream cart, which I’m sure N would really love!

Whatever stage of baby or toddlerhood you are in, it’s definitely worth having a browse – whether online or popping into a Smyths Toys store to take a look!

Check out the Smyths Baby Room Catalogue online here

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