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Teletubbies are one of N’s favourite TV programmes. They caught her eye from a young age, and now most mornings we tend to wake up to the friendly sight of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-laa and Po on our TV screen.

We decided to host a Teletubbies themed playdate for some of our little friends, to try out the new Teletubbies Playdates downloadable packs from

With the weather warming up, it’s been great to be able to have more playdates out in the garden for the toddlers to run off some of their energy, but having a theme for a playdate can make it feel a bit more special and can also give you inspiration for activities to keep things fresh and exciting.

The Teletubbies Playdate packs come with lots of activity suggestions, and some printable sheets that you can use to colour in and decorate, or to make your own Teletubbies antennae. Children’s abilities vary a lot at the toddler stage, so the great thing about the pack is that you can easily take a look through and select what you think will work best for your child in their age and stage – and it’s all free!

We used the printed out invitations, as you see above, but you can also get a Wats App invitation, which is really handy!

N, who has just turned 17 months, is very much into her colouring and drawing at the moment, so colouring in the Teletubbies bunting was one of the biggest hits keeping her and her friends occupied quietly for quite a while. It’s not easy to find activities that keep toddlers still for long, but at the moment colouring is really doing that for N and the Teletubbies theme made it even more fun!

If you feel daunted about starting to host playdates now that your child is hitting the toddler years, there is a checklist and even some handy tips inside the Teletubbies Playdates pack to help you feel prepared. The tips come from leading research Psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer.

Simple things like playing with balloons tends to be a huge hit with all ages. Even the youngest toddlers love chasing them around, and the older ones love using them for a game of football. Our kids were very excited with the colourful Teletubbies balloons!

The Playdate pack also gives suggestions on Teletubbies themed treats – tubby toast and tubby custard – which is another great way to tie in a theme for your playdate.

We had lots of fun with our new Teletubbies toys too. N particularly loves her new talking Tinky Winky, he is very soft and very cute!

After our Teletubbies playdate, she’s been busy hosting some playdates and tea parties for Tinky Winky and his soft toy friends!

Visit the website to download your own free Teletubbies Playdates pack and have your own Teletubbies playdate!

You can watch Teletubbies every weekday morning at 7am on CBeebies and there are brand new episodes coming out from the 4th June.

To find out more, don’t forget to join in with the #TubbyPlaydates Twitter party with @UKMumsTV from 1-2pm on the 31st May!

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