Tea Vs Coffee

So, which one do you go for? Tea Vs Coffee? It’s not an easy choice for me. I would normally lean more towards coffee but I also love tea, especially green tea as it’s so refreshing.

I have been trying out some new tea and coffee products lately that I’d love to share with you.

Twinings Green Tea: New Flavours

Tea vs Coffee? - Twinings Green Tea with new Salted Caramel, Gingerbread, and Caramelised Apple flavours
Tea vs Coffee? – Twinings Green Tea with new Salted Caramel, Gingerbread, and Caramelised Apple flavours

I was invited to a Tea Tasting event with Twinings and unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it. Luckily they sent me over their new varieties so I was still able to try – yay!

The new range of green tea flavours includes:

I’m happy to drink plain green tea, but a bit of flavour definitely adds more variety and makes things a little more exciting. I would recommend all of these flavours, but my favourite would have to be the Salted Caramel. I guess this is a popular choice as I asked on Twitter which one I should try first and everyone told me salted caramel! As soon as you open the tea bag packet, it smells gorgeous. The flavours with all of these are fairly subtle, and feel light. What I like about green tea is that it’s so light and feels healthy when you drink it so I’m glad that these flavours don’t detract from that, even though they sound a lot more indulgent. It’s a great balance between a little extra flavour and indulgence, but still keeping the benefits of green tea. These green teas have 4 calories per cup.

Cherizena – Fairtrade Guatamalan Coffee

I’m part of the Cherizena coffee panel, and you can see a couple of other reviews for theircoffee already on the blog. The latest coffee I’ve tried out from their range is the Fairtrade Guatamalan Coffee

Tea vs coffee? Cherizena Fairtrade Guatamalan Coffee
Tea vs coffee? Cherizena Fairtrade Guatamalan Coffee

Cherizena coffee is available as wholebeans or ground. We use a basic filter coffeemachine at home so the medium grind suitable for a caffetiere or filter is the right one for us.

I really enjoyed this Guatemalan coffee. It’s a really full bodied flavour, and fairly strong. Drinking  this feels so much more relaxing than drinking instant coffee, in fact after getting used to drinking Cherizena coffee I feel like I have gone off instant and only want the proper stuff. Cherizena coffees are all freshly roasted, they are produced in small batches then packed into heat sealed bags so that the freshness lasts longer. They are a small company and it feels like they really do pay attention to detail.  Of course being Fair Trade is a big plus too.

The Guatemalan Fair Trade definitely has enough strength to help me wake up and feel ready to face the day.

I’ve found that Cherizena coffee in the mornings, and Twinings green tea throughout the day is working well for me at the moment, and seems to be a good balance. I go through stages of drinking massive amounts of instant coffee throughout the day (to combat sleep deprivation!!) but this balance feels healthier to me.

I’ve also recently heard of Caffe Cagliari who make Nespresso compatible capsules


Caffe Cagliari are a family company who have worked together over 100 years of Italian history. Alessandra Cagliari, the great great grand daughter of the founder handles the marketing and packaging today. Their Espresso has been certified by the Italian Espresso National Institute (I.N.E.I.), which protects and promotes Italian Espresso. I would love to try these as it seems like the balance between a great taste and the convenience of the capsule would be really handy. The coffee can be bought online from their website. 

Which is your favourite – Tea or coffee? Let me know of your favourite brands in the comments

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5 thoughts on “Tea Vs Coffee”

  1. Thank you for this lovely review..
    Im “coffee” in the morning , and “Tea” in the evening…
    I love thm both and I must thank my grandma because she let me discover them!
    Happy Easter!

  2. tea is definately my fave and these flavours sound really interesting and different but i do like a coffee first thing in the morning so the coffee would be great too


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