Farfaria Review & Giveaway

For the past couple of months the boys and I have been trying out the Farfaria app on our iPad. The app gives you access to a huge selection of illustrated children’s books, all in a fun map themed interface.

One lucky In The Playroom reader will win a full subscription to Farfaria!

Farfaria storybooks app

There are over 600 books available with 5 more being added each day. These are graded by level so you or your child can choose one which is at the right level for them. You can choose lands like the preschool playground, which has all books suitable for the youngest readers, or choose any of the other lands which contain a mixture of books. This means the app is ideal for siblings to share as preschool playground is ideal for Mr R whereas Mr Z prefers the more advanced stories, and Mr T is in the middle!

Preschool Playground on Farfaria

The selection of stories available really is great. I particularly liked how many classic stories are available (including fairy tales and religious stories) and how many stories from other cultures are available.

Mr Z’s favourite story in the app is Yi’s Magic Brick about the building of the great wall of China. As there are so many stories there is sure to be something to suit everyone!

You can choose whether to have the story read to you, or to read it yourself. I have been mainly getting Mr Z to read, or reading it myself but the option of having them read may be really handy on a journey if you give your child the iPad and some headphones.

You can download Farfaria for free here and with this you can access 1 story per day free, then to unlock unlimited access the subscriptions start from  $3.99/month which I think is great value for such a large volume of stories. The app really grabbed my children’s attention and they are always eager to use it so I would definitely recommend this. 

For your chance to win a subscription, enter via the Rafflecopter below. This is open to everyone worldwide.

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45 thoughts on “Farfaria Review & Giveaway”

  1. Animal mad, so likes stories with animals in. Especially if you have pictures as well. We end up naming the animals (even if they don’t have a name)

  2. My kids are loving adventure stories at the moment.I have introduced them to the Famous five and the secret 7 and they are awe struck!

  3. My daughter loves disney books such as the little mermaid and sleeping beauty. My son love his Thomas the Tank engine books

  4. my youngest 3, all girls love disney stories, my older two are both lads and like to ready the game guides/walk through books for their wii u games

  5. animal stories and funny ones.and naughty ones where they think they are getting away with listening to something naughty or grown up))


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