Taking Toddlers on Holiday: Surviving the Plane

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Recently, I have been sharing my tips here about keeping the kids entertained while travelling on long car journeys. My boys have not yet been on a plane! Hopefully this is something we will get the chance to do soon, as we all love travelling and there are so many places on my list that I would love to go and explore as a family!

I’m sure loads of people must be busy taking toddlers on holiday at the moment though, as it is peak season! So I have a guest post to share with you from a fellow mum of three about her tips for surviving the plane.

Taking Toddlers on Holiday: Surviving the Plane

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The weather in the UK has been surprisingly beautiful so far this summer.  However it is hard to enjoy it when you are stuck behind a Hoover, or in my case, driving to the office every other day.  Personally, despite the soaring temperatures at home, I still want to get away, and plan to book a last minute deal at the close of the summer holidays.

Currently we are undecided as to where we will venture, it will predominantly depend on the price tag, but I am hopeful we can snag a last minute bargain for the Canary Islands or one of the quieter resorts in Lanzarote.

I have already started preparing for the plane…

My three children are not known for sitting down quietly for long, thus any journey in a confined vehicle in the clouds requires intense preparation.

The Pound Shop

This store is my saving grace for the aeroplane.  I invest a minimum amount in ‘tat’, wrap it up in tin foil and pop all the prizes in a bag.  When we are airborne, the children are allowed to have a ‘present’ every fifteen to thirty minutes dependant on flight times.

It is a treat that works a treat.

The Library

The day before we fly, I always take the little ones to the library in search of new reading material.  I always pick up a couple of extra novels for myself in blind hope that this will be the trip where I get to read on a sun lounger.

The kids are allowed to select three books each and aren’t allowed to open them until we are on the plane.

This normally keeps them occupied for a good thirty minutes or so.


Food is always my final resort.  A little bit trickier since my eldest child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  However she is safely through the toddler years so she doesn’t need as much cajoling to sit still and behave.

For my toddler, I climb on board with a backpack full of treats.  Starting with raisins and other bits of dried fruit and ending with chocolate buttons and crispies, for if and when I get desperate.

We have not been on a flight yet that has put me off going on one again!

By Jane Blackmore, writer and blogger.  Mother to three, frequent flyer.

This is a guest post in association with TravelZoo

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