Swisse Vitamins Lunch with Alesha Dixon

Swisse vitamins, Australia’s #1 vitamin brand, have launched a new range of vitamins here in the UK. I was excited to be invited to a lunch with their UK brand ambassador, Alesha Dixon, and a few other blogger friends, to find out more about the products and to get the chance to chat and get Alesha’s views on parenthood, healthy living, and the work life balance.


Before the lunch, we all had the opportunity to try out some of the vitamins. There’s a great range with the Swisse Women’s Ultivite as the main all purpose multivitamin, and then there are separate supplements you can take for hair and nails, immunity or for your specific needs like pregnancy vitamins, teenage vitamins or vitamins for 50+.

Alesha Dixon has credited the supplement for helping to boost her energy levels on a daily basis. I’m sure she needs plenty of energy to balance her family life, her music career,Swisse UK ambassadorial role and being a judge on Britain’s Got Talent! I was really interested to see whether the Swisse vitamins could do the same for me, and I’ve been taking the pregnancy ultivite for the past few weeks, in place of my previous pregnancy vitamin brand.

Alesha’s daughter is nearly three, and since my youngest is four I remember that stage very well. You definitely need plenty of energy when dealing with active toddlers and preschoolers, especially since they’ve often dropped their naps by that stage and are on the go non stop all day!


The Swisse pregnancy ultivite contains everything that you need for good foetal development, and to help keep your own energy levels up, with plenty of B vitamins. After only a few days of taking the Swisse pregnancy ultivite, I did notice that my energy levels picked up and I didn’t feel so exhausted in the evenings. It’s not great when you have lots to do to keep family life running smoothly, but you feel like falling asleep on the sofa at 8pm with first trimester tiredness! Luckily, the Swisse pregnancy ultivite helped me out with that.

Swisse vitamins are made with plenty of natural ingredients, and when we arrived at the lunch, we realised that all of our smoothies and lunches contained lots of the same healthy ingredients that are found in the products!


It was lovely to have the opportunity to chat with Alesha Dixon over lunch, and hear some of her personal experiences with issues we all experience as mums, like how to balance family and work commitments, and whether or not to feel guilty when you have to leave them and travel for work (or even to get some much needed couple time.) Alesha told us about the great relationship her daughter has with her own mum, so that she feels really confident leaving them together when she needs to work. She also had just come back from a family holiday in Dubai, which is a great way to get that concentrated family quality time as well as having a chance to unwind and pamper yourself.

I was interested to hear about the food choices that Alesha makes for her family, since it’s alway good to pick up healthy tips! Alesha mentioned that she doesn’t buy cows milk at all, only almond milk, which I have been considering using more too since it’s much lower carb than cows milk. Alesha’s mum is a vegan and she told us about how her mum had influenced her in healthy eating, and that she was considering veganism too although when she became pregnant with her daughter, Azura, she decided to be a pescetarian (eating fish but no meat) rather than a fully fledged vegan, as she wanted to make sure she would be getting enough protein. I can understand that since I have been craving a lot of protein in this pregnancy!


I really enjoyed our Swisse Vitamins Lunch, and having the opportunity to chat with Alesha. The Swisse products are great, and I can understand why Alesha clearly does have a lot of genuine enthusiasm for them. If you want to try some for yourself, they are available exclusively in Boots.



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