Summer Holiday Activities Your Kids Will Love

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The holidays should not just be about us but our children to help get their minds off daily life. We all need a break both kids and adults and a chance to let go. Activity holidays are an excellent way to spend that family time together in summer. When booking a family summer break, there are beach club holidays that include some great things to do for the kids. This means you can keep busy and active as well as relaxing. Here are some activities your child might want to try in the summer and you’ll see how these things to do are good for their bodies and their souls.


Getting into the water in the summer months is so much fun for kids. Whether that’s in the pool or in the sea splashing around and swimming in the water. Swimming is an excellent way to expel that energy kids have in the summer months in an enjoyable way. What ever their age, children can get something out of time in the water. Whether that’s just half an hour for the under ones to splashing around all day in the pool for the older kids. Get everyone together in the pool and enjoy swimming, games and keeping fit all in the same time. There may even be games or sports to take part in whilst in the pool too.

Bike Riding 

What is more exciting on a sunny day than taking the bikes out and exploring the countryside or the beach? Kids love the idea of riding their bikes without even realising that its exercise! When you are on holiday it is also an excellent way to explore the local area as a family, an adventure and keeping all of your bodies and minds fit. If it is safe to do so, your resort may hire bikes suitable for both adults and kids and give advice on the best places to go and routes to take. The great thing about bike riding is that you can continue this as an activity both at home and on holiday.


Taking to the waves is another great activity for kids. There are plenty of beginner lessons for children who are just starting to learn to surf. These include everything they need to know, from learning about the parts of the surf board to catching a wave, standing up and of course, having fun on the water. Family lessons are a good idea too, as everyone can learn and develop together. Meaning you may even surf together as a family during your next holiday. Surfing is a skill that needs to be developed, but once they’ve got their balance they’ll want to keep going on to the tough waves!

Paddle boarding 

Another great way to get the family out on the water. Learn the basics on the calm waters and stand up with your paddles, an amazing feeling like you are walking on the water. Stand Up Paddleboards are fun for all abilities and this is actually the fastest growing water sport today. You can join paddle board sessions and the easy sociable paddle cruises as well as booking structured lessons. It’s an activity which is really easy to pick up and get the hang of, and also a great Kids Club activity too. You can all enjoy your time as a family taking part in the activity together. You can join BOTE paddle board  sessions and the easy sociable paddle cruises as well as booking structured lessons.


When you are thinking about a beach holiday you might worry about keeping the kids entertained. Kayaking is a great activity for those of all ages who want to explore the coastline off the beach. A great way to discover the best beaches in the world. Sometimes the boats are free to use by yourself or under instruction at your resort. Paddle your way to a small cove or bay and enjoy snorkelling in the sea and reefs. Certain kayaks even have space for both adults and children so you can bring the kids along who can’t paddle by themselves. If you are on a two-week break, you can take out the kayaks more than once and explore different parts of the coast.

Nature Walks

Kids love exploring and taking a nature walk in the summer months is a way to get some exercise and make it an adventure. This is even better when you are somewhere away from home. There are new wildlife and plant life types to discover and the kids will be more excited to do this kind of activity whilst you are away. Your resort may even provide guided tours or walks of the nearby area, or you may be able to book and visit a nature reserve. There are lots of things to see and do whilst getting some gentle exercise by walking. It’s easy and cheap too!

Beach fitness 

There are loads of things going on at the beach when you stay in a family friendly location. One of those is beach fitness, which includes activities such as volley ball, yoga, football and many more. Join an organised class or make your own fun, there are plenty of free activities you can do as a family on the beach. Stretching and exercise such as yoga or tai chi are excellent morning beach activities and kids can join in too. For the more energetic, playing sports can help burn off that energy and tire out the kids for a relaxing evening later on.

Would you choose a summer activity holiday? 

When choosing a summer holiday with your family would you want to try any of these great activities? There are lots of things to do to keep the whole family entertained and most activities are free or low cost. This makes this kind of break much more budget friendly. Whatever your beach destination this summer, choose a resort that provides fun things to do for everyone in your family during your stay. Where will you go?

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