Best Summer Family Photoshoot Ideas (& What to Wear)

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Summer is the perfect time of year for capturing special moments with your entire family. Whether you’re planning a professional photo session in a sunflower field, on a beach vacation, or at your local park, there are plenty of great places to choose from.

We’ve gathered some summer family photo ideas that will make your next family photoshoot a great time. So if you’ve had a hard time deciding on the perfect spot for your family portraits, you’re in the right place.

Best Summer Family Photoshoot Ideas (& What to Wear)

Different Concepts for Your Summer Family Photoshoot

It’s important to highlight the importance of your photoshoot location. Each location provides a unique backdrop that adds to the overall theme and atmosphere of the session. Sunflower fields paint a vivid, joyful canvas for your family photoshoot, while beaches offer a serene and tranquil setting. 

Best Summer Family Photoshoot Ideas (& What to Wear)

The local park is another great location option that delivers a mix of lush greenery and open spaces. As you plan your summer family photoshoot, consider various location options and their distinct advantages. Always remember to factor in the unique personalities of your family members, and the special moments you aim to capture, when choosing the perfect photoshoot location.

Sunflower Field Family Photoshoot

There’s no better way to capture the essence of summer than a photoshoot in a sunflower field. This is a great choice as the vibrant yellow of the sunflowers makes a great contrast against any outfit. You’ll get professional photos that radiate the warmth and joy of your family.

sunflower summer family photo idea

In addition to the warm hues and vibrant energy of a sunflower field, this photoshoot location presents a variety of fun and interactive poses for your family. The towering flowers offer an opportunity for playful, hide-and-seek shots, while a blanket laid out in the field can create a perfect spot for an endearing family portrait. It’s also a great place for the little ones to explore and experience nature. The candid shots of a little girl marveling at the height of the sunflowers or family members playing tag amidst the blooms can make for unforgettable summer family pictures.

Beach Family Photoshoot

Beach family photoshoots are timeless and create beautiful summer family pictures. The natural light of the golden hour gives a soft and warm feel to your family photo session. The beach also offers a variety of visual interest from the sand to the waves and provides much fun for little kids.

summer beach family photo ideas

Beach family photoshoots offer an abundance of natural elements that add to the aesthetic appeal of your photos. The ocean, the sky, the sand, and even the marine life can all be integral parts of your shots.

summer beach family photo ideas

Moreover, a beach vacation photoshoot allows for a more relaxed and candid atmosphere. Children building sandcastles, parents enjoying a stroll along the shore, or the whole family playing beach games – these moments of pure joy and connection captured under the soft, golden hour light make for priceless keepsakes.

summer beach family photo ideas

During a beach family photoshoot, the sunset adds an unparalleled magic. As the sun dips below the horizon, it paints the sky with hues of gold, pink, and purple, casting a warm, ethereal glow on the family.

This magical hour not only enhances the natural beauty of the beach but also encapsulates the timeless bond shared by family members in a breathtaking frame.

sunset summer beach family photo ideas

Local Park Family Photoshoot

Taking family portraits in your local park is another great option for a summer family session. With abundant greenery and open space, it’s a great way to include the great outdoors in your family portraits.

Local parks are more than just a green backdrop for your photos – they are a treasure trove of unique, personal moments. Whether it’s a shot of the family engaging in a board game under a sprawling tree, a picture of young children on a park swing, or a lovely image of the entire family walking down a winding path, a park offers diverse location options. Parks are often familiar and comfortable spaces for families, which helps to create natural, authentic photos where everyone looks and feels relaxed.

summer family photo ideas

Lakeside Family Photoshoot

Lakes offer a serene and tranquil ambiance that can beautifully complement the loving aura of a family.

lake summer family photo ideas

Picture your entire family seated on a wooden dock, legs dangling over calm waters, or perhaps capturing candid moments of children skipping stones. The gentle ripples, the distant calls of birds, and a setting sun can paint a perfect canvas for a summer family portrait.

lake summer family photo ideas

Forest Trail Family Photoshoot

Venturing into the woods or a forest trail offers an immersive experience with nature. The tall trees, the dappled sunlight filtering through, and the sound of rustling leaves set a magical backdrop. Family members can be pictured walking down trails, exploring clearings, or simply sharing a picnic amidst the greenery.

woodland forest summer family photo ideas

Urban Cityscape Family Photoshoot

For families that thrive in the hustle and bustle of the city, an urban backdrop can be incredibly impactful. Be it against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers, graffiti walls, or city landmarks, urban settings offer a blend of modernity and dynamic energy. Shots of the family exploring a local market, crossing a busy street, or just enjoying a rooftop sunset can speak volumes.

Country Farm Family Photoshoot

Rolling fields, rustic barns, and the charm of farm animals – country farms are a delightful photoshoot location. This setting can capture the essence of simplicity, connection, and the beauty of everyday moments.

farm summer family photo ideas

Whether it’s a shot of the little ones chasing after chickens, family members picking fresh produce, or everyone huddled on a tractor ride, the candidness of farm life can shine through.

farm summer family photo ideas

Historic Site Family Photoshoot

Choosing a historic site or monument as your photoshoot location can lend an element of grandeur and timelessness to your pictures. These sites offer magnificent architecture and a rich tapestry of stories that can complement your family’s own narrative. Whether it’s a majestic castle, an old library, or ancient ruins, these places can make your photos feel like a page out of a history book.

Mountain Top Family Photoshoot

For the adventurous families, a mountaintop or a scenic overlook can be a breathtaking location option. The vast landscapes, the crisp air, and the feeling of being on top of the world can be exhilarating. Pictures of the family holding hands while overlooking a vast valley or seated around a campfire as stars begin to twinkle can be incredibly evocative.

Desert Dunes Family Photoshoot

Deserts, with their endless sand dunes and unique flora, offer a dramatic and ethereal setting. The play of shadows, the vastness, and the golden hues at sunset can bring out stunning contrasts in your family photos. Imagine the family walking in a line over a dune ridge or having a playful sand fight; the desert can be both fun and profound.

sand dunes summer family photo ideas

Hang a White Sheet for a Backdrop for Outdoor Family Photos with Natural Light

Using a white sheet as a backdrop can instantly transform any outdoor space into a makeshift studio. It’s a simple yet ingenious way to get professional-looking photos without the confines of a traditional setup.

white sheet backdrop summer family photo ideas

The white sheet serves as a neutral backdrop, ensuring that family members are the primary focus. When complemented by natural light, especially during the golden hour, the result is soft, evenly-lit photos that exude warmth and intimacy. Whether draped over tree branches or hung between two tall poles, the sheet can create a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere, perfect for capturing candid moments and genuine expressions. This method is not only cost-effective but also versatile, allowing families to experiment with different angles, poses, and props, all while being surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Each of these concepts provides a distinctive atmosphere and mood. Depending on your family’s personality and preferences, you can select the one that resonates the most.

Family Photo Outfit Ideas for the Summer Photoshoot

Deciding what each member of the family should wear is a common question. We’ve curated some family photo outfit ideas to ensure that you have the best advice to make your summer photo shoot a success.

Focus on Solid Colors & Neutral Tones

Neutral colors and solid colors are a great idea for family photo outfits. Mom’s outfit can be a flowy dress in a neutral color palette, while dad can wear a white shirt and blue jeans. Little kids, especially if you have a little girl, can wear outfits in different shades of the same color to add some visual interest.

summer family photo ideas

Solid and neutral colors not only create a harmonious look but also ensure that the focus remains on the family members and their interactions. An ensemble of outfits in neutral tones like beige, white, and soft blues can beautifully blend with a variety of natural summer backdrops. Different shades of a single color across outfits can create an interesting visual dynamic while ensuring everyone still looks part of one unit.

summer family photo ideas

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Add Texture & Patterns

Different textures and subtle patterns can add a great depth to your family outfits. However, large families should use these in small doses to avoid visual chaos. Avoid cartoon characters and stick to floral patterns for a classic look.

Textures and patterns, when incorporated thoughtfully, can add depth and visual interest to your family photos. For instance, a crochet top or a linen shirt can introduce a tactile element, while a subtle floral pattern on a dress can lend an element of softness. It’s key to balance these so they don’t distract from the family members themselves.

Bright & Lighter Colors

Given the warmer weather and abundant natural light, brighter colors and lighter colors are a great choice for summer family photos. A blue color scheme can be a perfect color scheme, adding a pop of color against the natural background.

summer family photo ideas

Using bright and lighter colors in your family outfits can imbue your pictures with the light, uplifting spirit of summer. From a vibrant yellow sundress for mom to sky-blue shorts for the little ones, these pops of color can make your pictures stand out. Remember, the goal is to reflect the joyous mood of your family in the photos.

summer family photo ideas


For the final touches, consider accessories that align with your color scheme. This can range from a small hat for your little girl to a cute bandana for your family pet. It’s a good idea to include every member of the family for the best results.

flower field summer family photo ideas

Accessories can serve as the final, defining touch to your family outfits. Whether it’s a fashionable hat, a statement necklace, or even matching footwear, these details can tie your family’s outfits together. However, make sure they align with the overall aesthetic and don’t overpower the main focus – your family.

Coordinate, Don’t Match

The important thing is to coordinate, not necessarily match. Different colors, different patterns, and even different textures can work well together if they’re coordinated. A Pinterest board can be a great job for visualizing your family outfits before the family sessions.

summer family photo ideas

While it’s essential to maintain a cohesive look in the family outfits, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone should match perfectly. Showcasing individual styles within a coordinated color palette or theme can lend authenticity and personality to the pictures. It allows each family member to shine in their unique way, making the photos more personalized and memorable.

kids summer family photo ideas

Share Your Summer Family Pictures

Once you’ve had your professional photographer capture those perfect family photos, it’s a great idea to share these special moments with your friends and family. Social media is a great way to share your summer family photos.

summer family photo ideas

So, what are you waiting for? With the perfect outfit, the perfect spot, and the perfect time of the year, you’re all set for your summer family photo shoot. Remember, the focus of the photo is the love and connection between family members, so relax and have fun!

Whether you’re going for a white look, black colors, or a bright, colorful scheme, the best thing is to let your family’s unique personalities shine through. We hope these family photoshoot ideas and outfit suggestions will help you to plan and execute a memorable summer family photo session.

summer family photo ideas

After your photoshoot, the joy continues as you share these precious moments with your loved ones. You might create a digital album to share online or design a customized photo book as a keepsake. These shared pictures can bring smiles to many faces and even inspire others for their future family photoshoots. After all, every shared picture is a window into the love, joy, and unity that your family cherishes.

Whether it’s the perfect outfit or the perfect spot, these elements come together to create an experience, not just photographs. The love and connection between family members are the true stars of any family photoshoot.

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