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When my daughter came into our life, baby gear and toys quickly overtook our small home, but I found a way to keep the look and feel of our living room. Two pieces of stylish yet functional furniture contain most of the toys that our daughter plays with in the living room.

The first item is a padded ottoman bench with hidden storage that serves as a toy chest. During the day we open the ottoman lid and our daughter delights in pulling all the toys out. At naptime and bedtime, the toys go back into the chest so Mommy and Daddy can enjoy a clean living room. I feel refreshed when I put the last toy away and close the lid to a transformed room. 

Although the ottoman toy chest is limited in size, the number of toys that fit is just right. As our daughter grows older and receives new toys, we rotate out the infant toys. There are a few larger toys like a walker that do not fit in the toy chest so those go in the corner of the living room.

The second item for toy storage is our TV stand. Our daughter gets to use the right-side cabinet for her books. We let her access the cabinet anytime she wants to read books on her own or with Mommy and Daddy.

Since these furniture pieces were not made for children, we do have to monitor our daughter’s use of them, but we are always near her in the living room or attached kitchen. The plus side is that she is learning from a young age to play gently around furniture. 

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