Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog – Review & Giveaway

stickdogStick Dog Wants a Hot Dog is the second in the Stick Dog series by Tom Watson. We have not actually read the first Stick Dog book so this is our first introduction to Stick Dog!

Stick Dog is quite different to other children’s books I have come across as it is in a notebook format with all the stick drawings and is written in a really chatty style. Even the pages have lines like a notebook, and the text is more spaced out to make it easier to read for younger children who may be less confident or newer readers.

stickdogbookStick Dog is of course the main character, along with his 4 friends: Poo Poo, Karen, Mutt and Stripes (who are all dogs)

stickdog1The basic story of this book is quite simple – Stick Dog and his friends want the hot dogs. But in order to get them, they have to go through loads of adventures like trying to fly a helicopter and one of the dogs even gets trapped inside a human’s house.

I felt that this book is still a bit advanced for Mr Z at the moment, as it will work better when a child can read it to themselves because of the notebook format of the book and the tone it is written in. It is pretty funny and very cleverly done so I am sure he will really enjoy it more once he is able to read to himself.

stickdog2 Based on this, I would say it is best for a child of about 6+ but it would depend how able they are with reading and some 5 year olds may be able to manage? I think it would work well for children up to about age 12 as it’s not overly babyish. There is lots of humour that would appeal to all ages, like when the dogs spot a man doing his yoga and putting his iPod on and they wonder what on earth is going on.

Of course in the end, Stick Dog has to finally achieve getting his hot dog! This rounds the book off very nicely, and then there is a small preview to the next book if you want to get a taste of more to come soon!

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  1. Sticky the sticky stick insect. It would be easy to draw (because he already is a stick shape) and he would have funny adventures about getting stuck to things

  2. My stick animal would be a giraffe – he’d be able to see into all the other zoo enclosures and he’d be able to tell all the other animals secrets and stores


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