A Stay in Shoe Cottage

Do you ever fancy a holiday that is a bit different? If you are day dreaming about holidays these rainy winter days why not let you mind wander a little further, all the way to… Storytown!

Sykes Cottages have 3 new imaginary Fairy Tale cottages

  • The Gingerbread House
  • The Straw House
  • The Shoe Cottage

I would love to tell you all about our imaginary stay in The Shoe Cottage situated in Storytown

shoe_outside_480x360The Shoe Cottage is a deceptively spacious property, although it has only 2 bedrooms it can sleep up to 20 people! So it is great for those extended family trips, as long as you are all fairly close! Also suitable for those with many kids or for school or brownies groups. We easily managed to fit in all the family, it was very cosy! The children loved to roam around inside the shoe and slide down the red slide in the outdoor play area again and again!

shoe_inside_480x360As you can see, inside the Shoe Cottage, the beds are arranged to cleverly make the best use of the space! There was a double room on the upper deck for me and my husband, which has great views of the surrounding country side. It is only accessible by ladder, so it is suitable for the more adventurous. The children’s bed were all in the lower area shown above.

Although it is not the most luxurious property it is clean and tidy and very well kept. The owner is an old lady who was happy to welcome us and provide some tasty and healthy broth for all of the guests to welcome us to her home!

The Shoe Cottage is situated in a charming Fairytale location in an untouched corner of Fairytaleshire. It is a great destination to explore Storytown’s mysterious towers and castles and to walk in the nearby Enchanted Forest where there are plenty of adventures for the little ones as far as their imaginations can take them!shoe_mapThere are horses available if you want to ride around and explore that way, or you can even get detachable wheels for the shoe and take your whole cottage around with you! As this is a really traditional area of Storytown, you might be as lucky as we were to find some pixies, gnomes and talking animals on your travels in the woods! We found them friendly enough to join in with a small picnic with the children which makes some great unforgettable memories!

The Shoe Cottage is ideal for a Christmas or Winter holiday break, to add a touch of magic and fantasy to your festive season!

Unfortunately, due to popular demand the Shoe Cottage is already booked up for all the imaginary holidays this year. But if you keep your imagination on hand and keep daydreaming, maybe you can go next year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Disclaimer: As a thanks for sharing our review on the Shoe Cottage, we will be given some vouchers to buy the children some fairy tale books

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