Star Wars Reads day is back this weekend, with 10th October being set as the official date to celebrate Star Wars and reading. What a great idea to combine the two and grab kids attention – hopefully encouraging those who are reluctant to spend time with books, and celebrating reading for those who already love it.

To mark the occasion, we were sent a selection of Star Wars books from Egmont publishing. All of the books are pretty interactive and have been lots of fun for my boys.

Star Wars Books for Star Wars Reads Day

The books shown above are:

Star Wars Doodles

Star Wars Where’s Wookie

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Activity Book

My boys (4, 5 and 7) have just been getting into Star Wars over the past year and they were all excited to check out these books, and spent plenty of time with them over the weekend looking through each of the books and completing the activities.

Star wars books

Since all of the books are very interactive, with looking and searching, doodling and solving puzzles, they would be a great option for children who do shy away from sitting and reading long books by themselves – this type of book is less intimidating, and when the books have characters that they love like Star Wars, then they can’t help themselves from getting interested!

The Star Wars range of books from Egmont is great, with plenty of detail in each one.

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If you fancy winning a bundle of all of these Star Wars books, enter via the Gleam widget at the end of the post. Good luck – and may the force be with you! 😉

We put together a short video so that Z can give you a sneek peek inside some of the books – and watch out for his light sabre action at the end!

Click here to download printable sample pages from the activity books shown, and others!

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Star Wars Reads

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