Star Wars Blade Builder Spin Action Lightsabre Review

Star Wars Blade Builders are new configurable and customisable light sabres from Hasbro. We were sent the Star Wars Blade Builder Spin Action Light Sabre for R to try out, and there are other versions in the same range too.


The blade builder light sabre is made up of a main light sabre and then several extra pieces that you can add on in whichever format you like, to make a more unique and creative light sabre.


The pieces click on easily, and R (age 5) found the light sabre easy to put together and manage without any help. If you have other light sabres from the Blade Builder range, you can also mix and match some of the pieces to make them even more unique.

The light sabre has sounds and lights, activated by buttons on the front which are very easy to use and add to the fun of playing.


R loves imaginary play and making battles with his light sabre, and definitely found this Blade Builder version cooler than the old light sabre he had. He was really excited to get this and play with it!

It would suit any young Star Wars fan, especially children who are into active role playing games. As you can see from the photos, it’s pretty big so does look very impressive to a small child


This light sabre, and the full Blade Builder range from Hasbro, are available from all good toy shops including Amazon, for around 29.99

Channel your inner Jedi, practice your Star Wars Yoda quotes, print out some of our Star Wars Activity Pages and stay away from the dark side!

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