Squishable – The Cutest Cuddly Toys Ever!

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A few weeks ago we were sent an amazing new cuddly toy from Squishable. These are giant round plush toys which are available in a really wide variety of animals. After quite a bit of deliberation (we were very tempted by the peacock, the penguin, the fox, the turtle..) we decided on the hedgehog and soon after making our choice or new Squishable friend was here!

giant squishable hedgehog cuddly toy

Isn’t he just the cutest! I had seen them online but didn’t realise quite how big and round the Squishable would be, it really is large – although not to the extent that it would start to get in the way in the house.

The 15″ squishables are big enough that you can wrap your arms all the way round them to squish and hug them. I have to admit, I have given it a few cuddles myself although the boys very quickly claimed it.

Mr R is so taken with this squishable hedgehog. He takes it up to bed each night and really loves it. It’s so soft and snuggly that all the boys love to stroke it and it’s so big that they can even jump and lie on it to relax and watch tv!

squishable hedgehogYou can see how happy Mr R is with his new friendly Squishable! The toys are recommended for age 3+ and Mr R is just turned 3. It also appeals to Mr T and Mr Z at 4 and 6 years old. In fact Mr Z is very keen and I might have to get him his own one as Mr R has mainly claimed this one as his own. There are lots of great choices like dragon, dinosaur, narwhal, or octopus which might appeal to slightly older boys.

The hedgehog’s fur is super soft. It’s one of the softest plush toys we have had and it really is lovely. The hedgehog spikes are also soft, and are made of a fabric rather than a fur. Most of the other animals seem to be plush fur all the way around if you do prefer that.

squishables hedgehog design


The hedgehog Squishable has a very friendly and cute little face which makes him instantly loveable. Even the boys dad who is not really into teddies or soft toys was wowed by this hedgehog! Squishables really are very cool and pretty irresistible. I can see them being popular with all ages!

excited about the squishable hedgehogNaturally with 3 children age 6 years and under we do have quite a few soft toys in our home, but Squishable have introduced something that really stands apart from other soft toys. I really love it and won’t be surprised if we end up buying a few more in future, either for our boys or for gifts. The giant size and shape makes them unique and the variety of designs available means there is something for everyone.

On the Squishables website you can even vote on which designs you would like to be made in future which is a fun idea!

The 15″ Squishables are available for £34.99. This may be slightly on the expensive side compared to a “normal” teddy but as they are so much cooler and more unique, I think it’s very fair. You can also buy smaller versions for £17.99 and keyring sized for £6.99 which may be a good option if you are short on space – although I think the giant size is part of the charm with our Squishable hedgehog!

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saying hello to the squishable hedgehog

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