What to look for in a coffee machine?

What to look for in a coffee machine?

About two weeks ago we got a new pod coffee machine, after wanting one for a while. We previously had a caffietere type machine that makes filter coffee but we are really loving the new pod machine – so much less cleaning, so easy, so quick and it makes great coffee! You may have seen me sharing a few coffee pictures over on Instagram as I was so excited with my new machine!

So it’s great timing that I have a guest post to share with you today all about what to look for in a coffee machine. If you get confused about the different types, or are not sure what to go for with so much choice available, hopefully this insight will help!

What to look for in a coffee machine? What's the difference between a pod machine or capsule machine, a pump espresso machine, or a drip machine?If you are a die-hard caffeine fan few things in life are more appreciated than a cup of coffee. Whether it’s a morning pick-me-up or a quick lunchtime dash to the coffee shop, we’ve become a nation of coffee lovers who just can’t seem to get enough. It stands to reason then, that many people decide to purchase coffee machines, so that they can enjoy their favourite beverage from the comfort of their own home.

But with so many different types available, how do you know which sort is right for you? Let us help you by explaining some of the various kinds available. This should help you to choose one that best suits your needs.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 18.34.40Types of coffee machine

Coffee machines come in three main types and we’re going to take a look at each of them:

Coffee capsule machine

A coffee capsule machine uses ‘pods’ to produce coffee. The beauty of this type of coffee machine is that the pods or capsules that it uses are pre-packaged and can stay fresh for a long period of time – up to nine months usually.

These ‘pods’ contain a mixture of blended, grounded and roasted coffee, all in perfect quantities. You simply place the pod into the machine and it does the rest. Hot water is forced through the capsule, releasing the flavour and extracting the coffee into the cup below.

Coffee machines like this are easy to use, create little mess and produce great-tasting coffee. The pods are used just once and then disposed of. For more inspiration, click here to see the range of coffee machines from Tassimo.

tassimo coffee machineDrip coffee machines

Traditionally, drip-coffee machines have been a popular choice for many homeowners. They work by filling a chamber with water which is then dripped onto the ground coffee – usually held in a small basket. A reusable or paper filter is used to prevent any debris finding it’s way into the end product.

Flavour and aroma are extracted from the coffee as the water seeps through it into the awaiting coffee pot. This pot is usually sat atop a heated plate to keep the drink warm after it’s been made.

Drip coffee machines are convenient because the water can be left to filter through the coffee and the end result is kept warm afterwards. They’re a great way to make brewed coffee quickly and easily but the filters do need changing after each brew.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 18.34.34Pump espresso machines

If you’re addicted to espresso coffee then this is the machine for you. Hot water is forced through tightly-packed coffee grounds producing a strong and rich cup of coffee. Some of these types of machine also feature a “frother” which allows you to experiment with café latte and cappuccino.

Espresso aficionados in particular prefer the manual pump-style variation of these machines as they give the user full control of the coffee making process. There is, of course, more work involved, so if you just want a machine that does everything automatically then opt for a pod model. Likewise, these types of machine require freshly-ground coffee, so that’s another factor to consider.

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6 thoughts on “What to look for in a coffee machine?”

  1. cant see what all fuss is with tassimo systems thet are much betters systems in my opinion on the market had a tassimo hated it gave away and went up market to the system wanted in first place but thought to expensive first time around but boy was i wrong ,i realy wanted a nescafe dolce gusto, lets face it nescafe been around long time and they know there stuff when comes to coffee and machines you get what you pay for ,there range of coffee tea choc ect are second to none and ordering coffee direct from the is best delivery experiance ever i order one day before lunch here next day 2pm plus free p+p cant get any beter than that

  2. An interesting overview. I have a moka (which I never use), a nespresso system (quick and always good coffee), and a pressure espresso machine to use with freshly ground or ground coffee… too much choice?!

  3. I have an espresso machine, and a drip pot. I use the espresso machine more because its better suited to make a single cup. Ive never been a fan of ‘pods’. My dad got a fancy keurig for free when he worked for Premium Waters, but the the flavored coffees just tasted like a cup of hot creamer and the black coffees always seemed bitter. And the pods are expensive!! We ended up just selling the dang thing because it never got used again after he left Premium waters and couldnt get the pods for free anymore. .

    Ill stick with my espresso maker <3


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