Do You Speak English, Moon?

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doyouspeakenglishmoonDo you speak English, Moon? is a charming book by Francesca Simon (author of Horrid Henry) and Ben Cort (Illustrator of Aliens Love Underpants!) published by the Orion Publishing Group. It is a really sweet story and the boys and I all loved it.

speakenglishmoon“Do you speak English, Moon?” is a little boys dialogue with the moon as he is settling down to sleep at night. He makes the moon his friend and shares all his thoughts with him about the things he likes to do, and wonders if the moon is lonely so far up there in the sky. I liked the simple innocence of the story and the boys loved the pictures and all the different things that the boy talks about. Their definite favourite bit is the page with the ice cream slide!

The book is written in fairly simple language and with only a few sentences per page. Mr Z (5) was able to read the whole book to us at bedtime, so he felt proud of himself and it’s great that this book was quite easily achievable for him to read and the story also held his interest, as well as my younger boys (3 and 2).

We were sent a hardback edition with an illustrated dust jacket cover, which would make a lovely gift. The style of illustrations inside is really appealing – very bright and with lots of detail.

A really lovely book for children aged around 2-5 years, I would definitely recommend it as a great addition to the bookshelf!

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10 thoughts on “Do You Speak English, Moon?”

  1. Looks like a lovely book! Mushroom is obsessed with the Moon at the moment and ‘Goodnight Moon,’ which used to be our ‘go to’ bedtime story doesn’t have enough moon in it for him at the moment so this looks like one for the Christmas stocking (yes, I’ve started buying)!

  2. what a lovely book, and beautiful illustrations too! I love books that feature settling down for bed 😉 also when I first saw the title I thought it read ‘do you speak english mon?’ so kind of read it in a Jamaican accent for a minute haha x


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