Some ideas to save money on baby essentials

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By Luciana Oliveira

Early parenthood for many can seem like a constant whirlwind of nappies, night feeds and noise, and so some parents find that within all the mayhem, the amount of money they spend on their little one can get just as out of control. This is why finding great ways to save money on essentials and get your hands on free baby stuff is key for new parents. Whether it’s baby boxes, free baby samples, brand discounts or even free baby products, there are loads of brands out there looking to help new mums and dads save money on some of the most essential (and expensive!) things they need for their baby, so to help you get started, here are some of the top ways to save money as a new parent. 

Baby Boxes

If you’re looking for a simple way to get your hands on a wide array of freebies for your baby, baby boxes are a great place to start. If you’re wondering how to get a free baby box, there are loads of sites out there such as Your Baby Club and C&G Baby Club that offer a free welcome box or pack to get you started with a wide range of baby freebies and samples, some free baby boxes can also be converted into a first crib for your little one, giving you more time to save for a larger crib once they are ready for it. 


Second-hand sites

With the amount of clothes babies need during their early years as they develop being so high, it was always going to be inevitable that one day lots of these pieces of clothing would simply go spare as they go unneeded. Now, however, with the rise of second-hand sites such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, new parents can quickly and easily get their hands on loads of different clothes for their baby without potentially having to pay a penny. Yes, you may need to give them a quick wash, but by going second-hand for some of your baby’s clothing, you could save yourself more money than you realise. Another great benefit to sites such as these is that when the time comes where your baby doesn’t fit into its clothes any more, you can use these sites to easily get rid of any pieces you don’t want to keep hold of, meaning you can save space and potentially get some money back. 

Baby Showers

If you want an easy way to get your hands on baby freebies, whilst also taking the welcome opportunity to catch up with friends and family before parenthood truly sets in, a baby shower is the perfect idea for you. For a baby shower, you can set up an online registry, or even just create a simple list, which your friends and family can buy from for you and your baby, this can be a great way to potentially save having to buy some of the more expensive essentials you will need for your baby. 


Baby Clubs 

Baby clubs provide a great online hub for parents looking for discounts, advice, offers and baby freebies. We’ve already mentioned Your Baby Club and C&G Baby Club earlier in the article, but many other household names are also beginning to create baby clubs to help out new parents. By signing up to a wide variety of baby clubs, you can gain access to loads of baby freebies, samples, discounts competitions and more, with some sites even providing parented oriented articles and blogs to help support you through the early stages of life with your baby.


Charity Shops 

Charity shops, much like second-hand sites, prove to be a great way for parents to get their hands on great, second-hand clothes, toys, books and more for their baby. An added benefit to using charity shops to find things for your baby is that you can actually take them into these shops, and let them see everything on offer. By doing this, your baby can engage with the world more, and maybe even show you what things they like and what they don’t, meaning toys may be played with for longer, clothes worn for longer, and books read more, improving their engagement with different real-world items. 

From a more practical point of view, charity shops also mean you can see and feel everything you’re buying before committing to it, meaning you can check that you are happy with their condition as well as the materials they’re made of, so you get no unexpected stains or breaks. Charity shops also provide an effective local place to take any clothes, toys, or other essentials your baby no longer needs so that you can keep as much space free as possible while they develop. For more items to consider, check out this Ultimate Newborn Checklist and I am sure you will find everything you need for your baby.

Whatever your baby needs, more often than not you will find there is a way for you to save yourself those hard-earned pounds without any added stress. So if you are looking for your baby’s next toy, or samples, or even bigger essentials like prams and cribs, make sure to think outside your online shopping basket to give yourself the opportunity to find some great ways to save.

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