Snowman Paper Dolls

Making Snowman paper dolls is a simple and easy paper cutting craft for kids. Mr Z made some of these at school and came home to demonstrate to us how to make more of them.

These snowmen can be made into a garland to decorate for Winter, or used to play with and this craft can be done by children of around 5-6 without any adult help or guidance required. Toddlers and preschoolers could make these too with a little guidance.

how to make snowman paper dolls. this is an easy winter craft for young kids to do independently

To make the snowmen paper dolls you will need:

  • Paper (at least 2 sheets of A4)
  • Cellotape
  • Scissors
  • Felt tips or crayons to decorate
  • Sequins, pom poms and other decorating materials (optional)

How to make this paper cutting snowmen craft

Take your two pieces of A4 paper and neatly cellotape them together at the back. You want them to touch closely but not overlap.

sticking paper to make snowman paper dollsThen fold each piece of paper inwards towards the centre, to give four separate panels. You will want these to be folded on top of each other ready for the next step.

folding paper to make snowman paper dollsOnce you have your paper folded into four sections, draw your snowman template on to the top layer.

IMG_2310Make sure that the snowman’s arms extend all the way to the edge of the paper on both sides. This is how all the snowmen will be linked together once you cut.

IMG_2315Use the template you have drawn on the top layer, and cut through all layers of the paper making sure not to cut the edge where the snowman’s arms will be linked. Unfold, and you have a troupe of snowmen all holding hands together like paper dolls!

IMG_2316Now you just need to colour and decorate them.

IMG_2338This can be done as detailed or as basic as you like, giving each snowman his individual personality!

Making these paper cutting paper doll snowmen is a fun craft that helps kids to work on their scissor skills and keeps them busy and entertained indoors on cold winter days.

Since they won’t need much help, this is great for independent play and it doesn’t make too much mess.

Easy to make snowman paper dolls. Fun craft for kids to do independently. My boys had lots of fun with this!Have fun!

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