The Snow Queen : Magic of the Ice Mirror

If you’re looking for a wintery adventure to enjoy with the kids this Christmas holidays then you could consider The Snow Queen : Magic of the Ice Mirror.


This new movie is a sequel to the 2012 movie The Snow Queen and sees the troll Orm get into trouble and adventure after he exaggerated and told everyone that he single handly defeated the Snow Queen. Desperate for money and low on his luck, he felt that this would be a sure fire way to win the people’s admiration and marry the Princess but his lies backfire.


We watched this at home (in order to review, it’s currently out in cinemas) and the boys all enjoyed the story, especially Mr T (almost 5). We had not actually seen the first Snow Queen movie, but that didn’t prevent us from following the plot or enjoying the movie. We may hunt out the first movie and watch it over the holidays since the kids enjoyed this 2nd instalment. It includes some mild peril and my youngest was a little scared at a few moments but most young children should be fine, and I think will enjoy it from age 4+

The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson was one of my favourite books as a child, so I was interested to see how similar this movie would be to the book. It is much more closely tied to the original fairy tale (including the main characters Gerda and Kai) than other movies that have taken inspiration from this story (like Frozen).

Watch the trailer below:

The Snow Queen : Magic of the Ice Mirror is out now in cinemas (released Friday 12th December) and would make a lovely wintery outing.


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