Mars Cakes and Cookies

If you love Mars, Malteasers, Bounty, Milky Way or Galaxy, then you are bound to like these new cake and cookie items available from Mars that match up to your favourite chocolate bars. We tried out a selection of these yummy products and they were all enjoyed by our family.


We were sent the following cakes and cookies to try out:

GALAXY Treat Cake

This was the boys’ favourite, since they are big fans of chocolate cake! This is a large cake and would serve 15 so it works well for small parties or gatherings at home and is very rich and chocolatey

The GALAXY Treat Cake is available from ASDA. RRP £7.00

Freshly Baked Cookies

I thought these were great, as you could really taste the flavour of each one and they did remind me a lot of the chocolate bars that they were named after especially the Bounty cookies. If you’re a fan of coconut and Bounty bars then those are great and very different to other cookies I’ve seen around. The Milky Way magic star cookies were best for the children since those are a little smaller than some of the others.

The cookies are available from Tesco. RSP: £1.30 4 x large Cookies for GALAXY and BOUNTY and £1.00 10 x Mini MILKY WAY MAGIC STARS Cookies.

Maltesers Teasers Chocolate Spread

This stuff is amazing, it really tastes like Malteasers with a mixture of chocolate and crunchy bits. So now you can have malteasers on toast, or a malteaser sandwich! It’s better for grown ups or older kids as my kids wouldn’t be so sure about the texture with the mix of crunchy and smooth but for adults that love Malteasers this is a real treat.

MALTESERS Teasers Spread is available from Tesco. RRP £2.

Galaxy treat cake and galaxy freshly baked cookies


What do you think of the range? We would happily recommend them, and will look out for them in future.

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