Simple Stencil Valentines Day Cards

My kids love to make cards for any special occasion (or even for no occasion!) Valentines Day is always a great time to make some special home made cards for loved ones, friends and family. We decided to use some stencils to make some simple but effective designs for these Valentines day cards.

simple stencil Valentines day cards for kids to make

We made these using a stencil kit from Meadow Kids, that comes with a booklet of stencils, coloured pencils plus some blank cards and envelopes so we had everything we needed within the set. Although we used felt tips rather than pencil crayons, just to give a bolder finish with slightly brighter colours.

You can buy similar stencil kits like this on Amazon (UK / US)

Using stencils is fun for the children and gives an opportunity to talk about shapes and letters, since my younger two are still learning these at the moment. It also lets them practice their pen control and precision, holding the stencil still to write.


heart stencilsWe focused on lots of heart shapes since it’s for Valentines day. Covering the card in lots of hearts of different colours makes a simple but cute card!

coloured heart stencil Valentines cardWe also used letter stencils to spell out Valentine. You could add any message you like.

We added our letters in a wiggly shape, and then joined them with little lines like track marks, this is to create a “treasure map” look.

treasure map Valentines cardThen of course write a loving or cute message on the inside!

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  1. Grace says – I love making cards too and these Valentines Cards looks really lovely. I love the idea of using stencils too to make really pretty patterns and designs. Thanks for linking to #minicreations.


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