Shopping For Christmas During The Summer Holidays

It’s the summer holidays already, and that can only mean one thing- that in a blink of an eye it will be Christmas again. If you find that you are always in a mad panic to buy gifts for your children, then you should be starting right now. The school holidays are a great time to start planning for Christmas for many reasons. 

Find Out What Your Kids Want

The summer holidays are long days that need to be filled with lots of fun and entertainment for your children. You’ll probably be clutching at straws trying to keep things interesting for them, without spending everything you own. 

Why not have a day out to the toy shop? Encourage your children to save up their pocket money for a couple of weeks before you go, and that way they can buy something that they like, and learn the value of their own money. 

While you are there, pay close attention to the toys that they really go to town over. Children are good at telling us what they want when it comes to toys or even food. Usually, you might be inclined to tune out to their demands, but this time you should take notes. 

Find out what it is that they like about the product. Don’t let on that you are thinking about Christmas yet, and if they ask for it, tell them to start saving their money! 

Set A Strict Budget

It can be very easy to get carried away when shopping for gifts for your children. You want the best for them, and you want them to be happy. However, Christmas is a costly time of the year, and if you don’t keep tabs on your spending, you could end up running up quite a debt if you overspend. 

Think about what you can afford without needing to resort to using loans or credit cards. Be very strict with yourself when it comes to budgeting. If you feel you want to buy more, then look for ways to make your budget stretch a little further. 

Shop Around

Once you’ve got your list, shop around for the items. There are lots of great sites online which offer discounts, or net voucher codes. See how many of your items on your list you can save money on, just by buying through the site. 

Don’t be afraid to try and find similar products of the same type. You might find a better model available, that might be more durable or have more features. 

If you are savvy, you can get a better product for much less than the retail ticket shows. 

The Summer Sales Are Better Than Black Friday

Don’t be fooled into doing all of your Christmas shopping on the dates that big businesses want you to do your shopping. With many retailers looking to get rid of the older stock to make way for the Christmas newness, you can pick up some real bargains during the summer months. These are genuine discounts too, unlike the Black Friday deals that appear every year, many of which are brought in especially for the event, and are not a better offer than you would generally get the equivalent product.  

Buy On A Credit Card

Buy all of your gifts on a credit card, but pay your card off immediately. Credit cards offer more excellent protection that standard debit cards. If anything goes wrong with any of your transactions, you can use the credit card provider to help with getting a refund. 

Be Sneaky About The Delivery

If you’re buying online straight away, think about getting the items delivered to a relative or friend so that your children don’t see any packages coming. 

Many couriers now offer a drop-off service, where your items can be left in a locker, or a nearby business, to await your collection at your convenience. Think about using a service like that, but pick your moment to collect them. 

Alternatively, order all of the gifts and set them to arrive on a day when your children might all be out. You might be able to create a day out with a family member one day, leaving you at home to take in the parcels. 

You’ll probably know all of the best places to hide Christmas presents around the home because there is no doubt that in a few weeks, your children will start the usual hunt for their gifts. Quite often, the best place to hide them is in plain sight!


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