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Winter is always a difficult time for babies with the weather and all of the colds and bugs around. Poor little N has been under the weather recently, and is just coming out the other side of a horrible cold. But Winter weather doesn’t only bring more illnesses, it can also dry out your little one’s skin more easily.

During winter’s cold temperatures, it’s important to take extra care of your little one’s skin. This is due to the cold temperatures resulting in very little water evaporating into the air, creating an atmosphere with low humidity. This dry air combined with regular movement between hot indoor temperatures and the colder outdoor environment dries skin out even faster during the winter months, especially babies.

You can help protect baby’s skin this winter with the Baby Dove range to not only moisturise, but also help replenish the natural protective barrier that keeps baby’s skin hydrated.

We’ve recently tried out and reviewed the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range with Baby N, and now we’ve been trying out products from the Sensitive Moisture range.

The Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Range is Fragrance free to take extra special care of babies with sensitive skin. It’s designed to be kind to dry skin and is also hypoallergenic, clinically proven to minimise allergy risks and is pH neutral with a proven tear-free formula for the
cleanser. The. 
The Sensitive Moisture range includes Head to Toe Baby Wash, Lotion and Wipes. 

Bath time is an essential part of our bedtime routine. N really loves her baths and it’s a great way for her to use up the last of the day’s energy splashing around with her toys, whilst giving her the signal that bed time is coming soon as it’s always the last thing we do each night. As I bath N daily, it’s reassuring to have products that do moisturise and help to look after her skin. The Sensitive Moisture products from Baby Dove really do feel gentle. I particularly liked the Lotion as it’s very light, non greasy and absorbs into N’s skin so well.

As well as using the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Range of products, here are five further handy tips to help keep baby’s skin happy in winter:

  • Make sure baby’s bath is at the correct temperature and consider keeping baths to a maximum of up to 5 minutes
  • Consider moisturising baby’s skin more often – the best time to moisturise is after a bath!
  • Dress your baby in layers of soft breathable fabrics such as cotton. Using layers allows you to quickly adjust your baby’s temperature when moving from inside to outside – it’s just as important to not be too hot as it is too cold. As a general guideline, babies need one extra layer than adults
  • Consider using an indoor humidifier to stop the air at home also being too dry for baby’s skin
  • Try and protect your baby from cold winds by placing a cover on your pram/push chair and remember a hat and gloves if you’re outside in the cold for an extended period of time

Visit the Baby Dove website for more information on the range and all of the products available

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  1. I’ve been looking into a few baby skincare ranges recently as my 1 year old suddenly developed dry skin under her chin (I’m guessing a combination of winter drying weather and dribble rash) – but have yet to try Dove as I didn’t even know they did a range!! So thanks for the heads up, off to Boots I go! x


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