Send Out Your Favorite Travel Photos As Holiday Cards

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By Luciana Oliveira

If you go on many vacations, you’ll agree that a trip isn’t truly complete until you take hundreds or thousands of photos.

Sorting through all of your pictures when you reach home might be a challenge, but it is worth the trouble. In addition, you’ll need them in the future.

For example, your favorite travel photos can be great for use as holiday cards. Here are a few tips to help you use travel photos as holiday cards.

Keep Your Attire Simple

Although you might be tempted to pull out the flannel and festive designs, the loveliest holiday card photos are simple.

Take advantage of neutrals to convey a feeling of timelessness and sophistication.

You would be smart to avoid busy patterns and prints. Too much matching is also a bad thing.

You’ve probably seen the memes of entire families dressed in tartan or denim. It’s never a good look.

You should simply make an effort to stick with the same shade or patterns as a family.

Deep greens, creams, and calm browns are the best colors to wear if you wish to accessorize with earth tones. If you want some color, go with white, black, or gray.

Proper Timing to Ensure the Cards Arrive on Schedule

The period around Thanksgiving is the ideal time to take Christmas photos. You will have plenty of time for processing and ordering.

Print and send your holiday cards using a reputable service when you have your digital pictures. Mixbook’s Christmas cards would work great.

Pack an “Emergency” Kit for Photo Shoots

In most cases, your photographer will have you covered. However, they cannot anticipate your unique wants on the session day.

Baby wipes for greasy faces or runny noses, additional hair ties, snacks, hair brushes or drinks for kids who can’t wait. You need to pack all these things ahead of time.

You don’t want to realize that you left a toy or blanket that your child loves. The more prepared you are, the better your experience.

Avoid the Flash

Natural light is the finest choice for nicely lit images. When you are traveling, you’ll probably have plenty of opportunities to be outdoors and take great pictures.

Going without a flash also avoids the whole red-eye problem. Natural light is attractive, and you must always try to use or mimic it.

When using flash, it is best to bounce it off a white ceiling instead of placing it straight on the subject.

Avoid artificial light and take advantage of natural light whenever you can. Look for windows, entrances, or shaded spots if you are outside.

Don’t be reluctant to shoot outside. Just be sure to shoot in the early morning or around twilight. Avoid strong, glaring sunlight.

Observe the Smallest Details

Focus more on the minor things that might have a big influence on your images rather than obsessing over the props—for instance, choosing wrinkle-resistant clothing for everyone and ironing shirts as needed.

While it may seem like a small thing, it could significantly impact the quality of your photos. If your budget allows it, consider getting your hair and makeup done by a professional.

Plan Your Pre-Shoot Strategy

Prepare a strategy for how and determine where everyone will stand and sit before appearing in front of the camera.

A professional photographer will help you with this. However, this is essential if you’re taking the photo yourself.

Plan the shoot in advance to ensure that you get the right photo. Even though it’s all about having fun, you want to get the best photos for your holiday cards.

You Don’t Need Props

Your travel photos need to look as natural as possible. You don’t have to use props.

Even though a blazing fireplace or a box full of gifts may seem like fantastic holiday photo backdrops, they can very easily turn into (cheesy) deterrents.

Keep it simple. If you insist on bringing a prop, ensure that your family comes first. Minimize the number of props and make your setup as natural as possible.

In conclusion, the holidays are a great time to go on vacation. You get to enjoy time off from work while exploring new places and participating in festivals from various cultures.

It is also the ideal opportunity to take some gorgeous travel photos. Whether you’re visiting new or old places, there are opportunities to take amazing photos and preserve your memories.

 A professional destination photoshoot can elevate your holiday trips and provide you with the best kind of souvenirs. You can always use your travel photos as holiday cards. 

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