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We have been trying out some spy themed crafts from the Secret Spy Workshop set. I just shared the disappearing money box magic trick craft and here is our DIY spy scope. This “super snooper scope” is a simple periscope which allows kids to see around corners and to see whats behind them – perfect for playing “spy”

DIY Spy scope craft. How to make a simple periscope

The spy scope that you can see in the pictures was made by Mr Z (6) using the template provided in our Secret Spy Workshop kit. You could also make your own, but of course if you buy the kit then all the required supplies are included (along with 3 other spy themed craft activities).

The spy scope was easy enough for him to make, and a suitable craft for this age group. It’s not the neatest (he had some trouble folding all the tabs in to make the tube) but the finished result works really well and the project definitely grabbed his interest.

You can find out more about the Secret Spy Workshop kit here, along with the disappearing money box craft. 

To make a simple spy scope (or periscope to give the real name) you will need:

  • Two tubes (or one long tube)
  • Two small mirrors
  • Sticky tabs or double sided tape
  • Whatever you want to decorate the outside of the tubes, if not using the provided super snooper scope in the kit.

A periscope works by bouncing the reflection from one mirror to the other. It’s important that both mirrors be at 45 degree angles from the tube, so that they face each other perfectly.

To make the periscope, if not using the kit template, then you will need to measure carefully when drawing your own.

Stick the mirrors on using the sticky tabs or double sided tape.

Using their new periscope, kids will be able to spy around corners or over tall hedges and walls. Mr Z found this lots of fun, although he is not the best spy since you can always hear him giggling as he hides around the corner with his spy scope!

If you are tempted to try this and all the other activities included in the set, the Secret Spy Workshop set is available from Amazon among other retailers. (Affiliate)  

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