Science Experiments for Kids

Science is a really fun area to help kids develop their learning at home, but I find that it’s not always something that comes so naturally to me as other areas of learning. If, like me, you find it easier to think of activities to help your children in their literacy or art and creativity then I hope this list of science experiments for kids will give you a head start and help with some suggestions to get going with your science learning at home.

Loads of suggestions for science experiments for kids

All of these ideas are suitable for age 7+ and we used the book Super Science Experiments from Miles Kelly to get our ideas.

Electricity Experiments

  • Making electric balloons with static
  • Make a simple circuit using foil, a battery and torch bulbs
  • Make a magic magnet

Air & Water Experiments

  • Simple float or sink experiments
  • Make a balloon rocket
  • Make a fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher science experiment for kids

Light & Sound Experiments

  • Making a rainbow by bouncing light off water
  • Make a picture flicker book
  • See sound vibrations with a balloon skin over the top of a glass
  • Experimenting with a ray of light passing through slots, to see how it travels only in straight lines

ray of light science experiment for kids

Matter & Materials Experiments

  • Experimenting with changing ice to water to steam
  • Mixing experiments with water, oil, salt and flour
  • Colour separation experiments

The full instructions for all of these are given in the book Super Science Experiments, split into the four categories listed above. The great thing is that all the experiments are categorised into difficulty level and marked whether they need adult supervision or not.


Mr Z is 5 and I did find the majority of them were a little advanced for him so I think it’s really true to the age recommendation. Although of course some of the simple experiments can be modified down for younger children, as long as you have more parental supervision.

For more ideas I would also recommend checking out Science Sparks or this group Pinterest board with ideas from lots of great bloggers

Follow Red Ted Art’s board Science on Pinterest.

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  1. This book looks brilliant, my kids would love it. The science experiments sound nice and simple but fun to do.


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