Schleich The First Dinosaurs Range

Schleich animals and figures are always great quality, and my have collected quite a few, which they play with often. We were sent a couple of new dinosaur figures to review from Schleich’s The First Dinosaurs range. 

For 2016, Schleich has gone back to the era when prehistoric creatures first walked our planet with the introduction of ‘The First Dinosaurs’.  The collection will include five of the first well known dinosaurs, each of which come complete with moving jaw and educational booklet which contains facts about each dinosaur.  The species includes the Dilophosaurus, Dimetrodon, Barapasaurus, Herrerasaurus and Dunkleosteus and the RRPs range from £7.99 to £14.99

schleich the first dinosaurs range of toys

We were sent the Dimetrodon (the orange dinosaur) and the Dilophosaurus (the blue and red dinosaur) dinosaurs, which are both brightly coloured with plenty of detail as you can see below.

schleich dinosaur figures

R was really happy to add these dinosaurs to his collection, and it’s great to introduce him to other dinosaurs which are not as commonly known as some of the more famous types (such as T-Rex, pterodactyl or diplodocus.) All of my boys enjoy learning more about dinosaurs and using these dinosaur figures in pretend play, so I would say they do span the age range of 4-8 really well, and may appeal to slightly younger kids too if they are big dinosaur enthusiasts and can treat them carefully.

schleich first dinosaurs

As mentioned, the jaws on these dinosaurs open and close which is a fun feature when the children want to pretend it’s going to eat someone or something and they all have a realistic look, which is much higher quality than a set of cheaper plastic dinosaurs that you could buy. The Schleich figures last really well and because they are so detailed I always feel that they have a better educational value than other alternatives.

schleich dinosaurs

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We were sent the Schleich dinosaurs in order to review

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  1. Live these not seen these two yet
    Love how they are so bright
    My nephews love all dinasaurs and can recite the names better than me
    Great idea for their birthday treats


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