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Santa’s Rooftop Scramble is a fun family board game from Ravensburger that’s perfect for the festive season. The game is recommended for age 5+ but we found that with parents joining in too, our whole family was able to play and enjoy the game even Mr R who is a couple of years under the recommended age. The aim of the game is to be the Santa that delivers all your presents fastest and there is plenty of action in the game to keep everyone entertained.


The game includes

  • a board
  • a spinner
  • a dice
  • 6 santa figures for up to 6 players
  • lots of present tokens
  • letters to santa cards
  • surprise cards
  • travel cards
  • instructions booklet

santas rooftop scramble game


The instructions are a little more complex than some basic children’s board games, which would be why it’s recommended 5+. It will definitely keep the attention of school aged children and although it is a game of luck, the racing and competitive element really appealed to Mr Z. He did manage to win, as his Santa delivered all the presents first.

IMG_1682To play the game, first you start at Santa’s workshop and need to keep spinning until you have collected all the presents you need for the 5 houses that you need to deliver to. Once you have all those presents you can start progressing around the board, and if you land on one of those houses you can deliver a present. There are a few twists like if you land on a surprise spot you can pick a surprise card and maybe deliver a present early, or stop someone else from delivering their present. The transport spot lets you move to another place around the board more quickly.

The game should last between 15-30 minutes. For us with 5 players and younger children joining in who needed a little more explaining it was definitely more like 30 than 15 minutes.

The children all enjoyed the game and it will be a great one to bring out again each year around this time of year. It’s an ideal game for the whole family to play together and enjoy some quality time in the festive season.

You can buy Santa’s Rooftop Scramble from many good toy shops including Amazon (current price 14.99)


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