Battle Ready Pikachu and Kalos Region Pokedex

My 6 year old Mr Z is a huge fan of Pokemon, and his little brothers are following his lead too so we have a house full of Pokemon fans. They are always very excited to try out new Pokemon toys and they couldn’t wait to give the Battle Ready Pikachu and the Kalos Region Pokedex a try.



First up: Battle Ready Pikachu

Battle Ready Pikachu is a quite large Pikachu that will fit onto a child’s shoulder. He comes with a set of foam rings that you can load into him, and then shoot them out as a form of attack. This is operated by pulling on Pikachu’s ear. The foam rings are soft, so will not hurt if they are fired at any friends or siblings! You can store these inside Pikachu when not in use to prevent them from getting lost.

battle ready PikachuPikachu comes with a shoulder holster to help the children wear him on their shoulder, although my boys did find that a little hard to set up so they mainly preferred to carry Pikachu around, and balance him on the shoulder as needed. It makes some sound effects like Peeka Peeka, which my younger boys really loved. This Pikachu is very cute, even when attacking!

battle ready pikachu


Next up, the Kalos Region Pokedex

Pokemon Kalos region Pokedex toy from TomyMr Z had been really hoping for his own Pokedex, so he was really excited to get this so he could be a great Pokemon trainer like Ash. This Pokedex is for the Kalos region which is the region featured in the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games which Mr Z likes to play.

The Pokedex opens and closes and makes sound effects that tell facts about different Pokemon, as well as lighting up.

Pokemon kalos region pokedexThe Pokedex is used for imaginary and role play, as you can hold it up to any of your Pokemon toys and it will spin and pretend to scan. We “scanned” the Battle Ready Pikachu and other Pokemon figurines. While the boys are running around the house pretending to be Pokemon and Pokemon trainers then this toy can add some extra effects into their game.

Mr Z was a little bit disappointed that it does not really scan the Pokemon and give the information. He thought that like in the TV show, he could point it at any unknown Pokemon figure and find out everything about that Pokemon but that’s not the case. It is a fun toy for pretend play for any Pokemon fan, but it may be best to make sure that they do understand what to expect.

I would recommend both toys as good additions to the toy collection of any Pokemon fan. Both are well made and should last well and withstand lots of play.

Battle Ready Pikachu and the Kalos Region Pokedex are available from Amazon (Aff) and other toy shops.

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