Santa’s Little Helper – Gift Ideas for Kids

When it comes to planning what Christmas gifts to buy for the children there are several factors to take into account; will they like the gift, will they play with the gift and is it too expensive? These are among the myriad of questions parents torture themselves with year in, year out. But, of course, before these questions can be asked you need to find some ideas – what follows is a look at some of the gifts I’m considering buying for my children this year.

For Playing Outdoors

My children love to play outdoors and I encourage it as a way of them keeping healthy and having fun. While looking for outdoorsy gifts this year, I came across a great website, Skatehut. It has a great range of bikes, scooters, roller skates and Heelys and has given me some good ideas for my list.

It also stocks clothes and safety equipment, so should I wish, I can get all my outdoorsy gifts in one place.

For Playing and Learning Independently

The LeapPad is a tablet specially designed for children. It is simple to use and best of all, many of the apps that are available for it are educational. There are some great games available too and so children can learn and play with this gift.

The LeapPad is also robust and quite compact, so using it on the go is fine as it is easy to carry and will stand up to a bit of bashing.

Stocking Fillers

My go to stocking filler is books. Story books, sticker books and learning books. To find the best new ones generally I google “best children’s books 2017” and then select from the age appropriate lists that are suggested. Mixing new books with older tried and tested books that can be purchased more cheaply works well.

I also try to include some sort of game as a stocking filler, something we can all play together and this year I’m looking at two classics, Twister and Guess Who.

For me, buying Christmas gifts for my children is all about getting the balance right. Gifts that will stand the test of time and that facilitate a little exercise, gifts that entertain and educate and gifts that bring the family together for some good old festive fun.

That is how I put together my list of Christmas gifts for kids and in doing so become Santa’s little helper.

This is a collaborative guest post

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