Safely dating during a global pandemic

As you have probably noticed we have been sharing lots of content on how to be safe during this pandemic. We are all in this together and learning to adjust our lives to this new way of socializing, working and living during these complicated times. During this tough time, we have been presented with so many ideas of keeping safe and still keep connected to the world. In this article we will touch on a few ways to socialise with new people and even date whilst keeping safe.

2020 is nearly over and it has been a very strange and intense year. December is here and we have a few weeks left and I can’t help but reflect on how intense and quick this year was for all of us. We have to relearn our ways of living. Things changed from one day to the other. But we can see light at the end of the tunnel. As the restrictions ease we see signs of life as it was and we can’t help but get excited to get out there and socialise again. We just need to remember that there are still risks and we need take precautions.

If you are looking into meeting someone new, then you need to keep in mind the social distancing measures and make sure that you follow them. There are fines being given to people not complying with the rules so remember that when getting out there again. Going for a nice long walk in the park, breathing fresh air while sipping on warm hot chocolate sounds like the perfect dating experience to me. There are so many beautiful parks and outdoor places in England I am sure you will find awesome and countless romantic spots around. A good thing about meeting outdoors is that it’s easier to comply with the 1m rule of social distancing. Using a dating site with a local focus such as Kent Dating is great for this, and will make your life easier as you can both easily reach your nearby green spaces without too much travel.

Pubs and restaurants are open in tiers 1 and 2 but they also have restrictions in place so make sure you check it before booking. Some restaurants have time restrictions and also rules on alcohol consumption depending on which tier they are loctated in. Make sure to always wear a mask indoors – unless exempt – until instructed to remove it. Some pubs I have been to have a 2 hour rule from the moment you get a table and you can order alcoholic drinks as long as you also have a meal. This can be an awesome choice and a way to escape from the cold weather.

If you want to be extra careful there are a lot of options for online dating. Some websites are offering zoom dating if you don’t feel comfortable meeting in person. You can book it all online, pay a small fee and connect with like minded people. Some even offer specific dating for gamers for example.

Like I mentioned before we are all learning how to navigate these new circumstances and if there is one thing that we can be is creative. So do your research and I am sure you will find what suits you best when getting out there to connect with new people again and always remember to be safe.


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