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Mr Z has been enjoying a new story recently – Robotslayer. Robotslayer is a comic book which is a new genre for Mr Z but is perfect for his age (5 years old) and slightly older children too.

Robotslayer is a gripping story of a town where robots have gone from being the friends and helpers of the city, to a danger and menace, thanks to the dastardly Grububble who has programmed them with a virus! The heroes Leo and Benny and brothers – one boy and one robot – who want to set thing right together with their grandfather Prof. Robotolis. Robotolis had been the mastermind behind the Robot City and had taught Grububble all he knew about robots, before he turned bad!

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The story is quite detailed so I do think it would be best for children of at least 5. I read the story to Mr Z so that he could focus more on enjoying the story than on trying to read the words, but as he continues getting confident with his reading he will be able to enjoying reading this himself. The comic book format is a really fun way of presenting the story and means that even if he does struggle with a few words he can still follow a lot of what is going on!

reading robot slayer

The heroes Leo and Benny are based on author Vincent Kamp’s own two boys, which is lovely to know. The whole comic book has been hand drawn so you can see how much dedication has gone into it!

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There is also a Robotslayer app which is great to link between reading and gaming, which can be useful if you have a child who is very motivated by playing iPad games. (Mr Z can be like this!) The app includes the Robotslayer3000 game which is featured in the story, and trains Leo how to become a real Robotslayer!

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The Robotslayer app is now free just for half term!

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