Rearranging the bedrooms

I have been thinking about rearranging the bedrooms for the boys for a while. Mr Z and Mr T currently share and Mr R is on his own, but we have decided now to swap them around and give Mr Z his own room. I have all the paint and wall designs planned out for his new room, which I will be sharing with you on the blog in due course (of course!) but I have not yet finalised the furniture choices.

As Mr Z will be moving into the smaller room which is currently Mr R’s we will be needing to buy a new bed for that room. Mr R is in a cot at the moment but as he is able to climb out now we will be moving him over to a normal single bed. He is two years old now so it’s about time he moved on from his cot really!

I have been looking at some of the affordable children’s beds from TJ Hughes. They sell a great range of metal, wooden and themed beds. I also quite like the look of the cabin beds, especially as it is quite a small room that he will be moving across to.

rearranging the bedrooms - kids cabin bed

Something like this offers a great amount of storage in a small space and I really like the look of it. Having a desk would be nice for Mr Z, as he is always keen to do his writing and maths workbooks. I think he would feel quite pleased to have a special desk on his own in his room.

There are some very cool theme beds too, although I think a cabin bed would be a more practical choice for us. I’m sure Mr Z would love some of the race car beds, he is very into racing at the moment!

rearranging the bedrooms - kids novelty car bedI hope I won’t have too much trouble from Mr T and Mr R sleeping in the same room together! They can sometimes get up to a bit of mischief together, so I will have to hope for the best!

I am really hoping to convert our loft at some point to make an extra bedroom (I want it to have an extra double bedroom with a bathroom, for me not for the kids!) then with that extra space we would have plenty of space for them to each have their own room in the future if needed. Although if/when we have more kids they would have to share again! Getting the loft done is so expensive though so I don’t know when it will be.

Mr Z is really looking forward to his new room. Hopefully the painting and decorating will be started this weekend, if everything goes to plan. So look out for the post quite soon. I will show you all the before and after pictures.

How do you arrange the sharing of rooms with your children? Do they each have their own? If you have 3 or more, how do you decide which kids share? Let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Rearranging the bedrooms”

  1. My two girls share and our other bedroom is used as a toy room. It works quite well and they do go to sleep quite quickly. Only downside is, my youngest is an early riser and my eldest sleeps like a teenager. Can get a bit fraught when she gets woken by her younger sister!

    I did find them sharing helped with my youngest when she was getting spooked. She settled easier with her sister there to ‘look after her’.

    Good luck with the shuffle!


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