1 in 10 burns among children are caused by hair straighteners.

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I was quite surprised to hear recently that 1 in 10 burns among children are caused by hair straighteners. This is such a large amount! Straighteners and other heated hair appliances are such a common part of many people’s daily routine nowadays that the amount of burns caused by these has actually doubled in recent years.

1 in 10 burns among children are caused by hair straightenersAs a result of this, the Electrical Safety First are campaigning to raise awareness and encourage parents to keep their straighteners in a heat proof pouch after use. Straighteners stay hot for up to 40 minutes after use and this is a real danger time as it would be easy to think “oh they are turned off and unplugged, they will be okay.”

Straighteners can reach up to 220°C, more than twice boiling point and enough to cause very very serious burns. It’s pretty scary to think about the damage they could do, especially to young children’s skin which is up to 15 times thinner than our own.

The following video has been created by Electrical Safety First, and is not pleasant to watch but will definitely keep this reminder fresh in your mind!

If you use hair straighteners, follow our top tips to make sure that you, and your children, stay safe from electrical burns:

  • Keep hair straighteners out of reach of children
    Children’s skin can be 15 times thinner than that of adults so it’s important to keep them out of reach of little feet and hands.
  • Use a heat proof pouch
    Hair straighteners stay hot up to forty minutes after they have been switched off. A heat proof pouch is the easiest and safest way to store a product after use.
  • Keep them away from skin
    Do not allow the any of the hot plates to come into contact with the face, neck or scalp when using straighteners.
  • Seek medical attention
    In the incident of a serious burn, seek immediate medical attention.  If the hot plates comes into contact with the skin but it is not serious, run the affected area under cold water.

Visit the Beauty Burns page for more information.

Blog post brought to you in collaboration with Electrical Safety First. Hair straighteners image courtesy of John Kasawa Freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. Really? That is completely shocking! My daughter is often around when I am straightening my hair and I always make sure she goes nowhere near them, constantly telling her they are hot! I am so conscious about turning them off properly and putting them out of the way whilst they cool down – in fact I usually check about 10 times before leaving the house that they are off!
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  2. I’m always super nervous when my partner uses her hair straighteners. I have nightmares that she’ll put them down and our little girl will pick them up 🙁


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