Ravensburger My First Puzzle, Christmas Friends Review

Ravensburger My First Puzzle, Christmas Friends is a set of 4 simple puzzles for toddlers, ranging from a 2 piece puzzle up to a 5 piece puzzle. This set is perfect for this time of year, with friendly Snowman, Santa, Reindeer and Elf designs and I’ve found the level of these puzzles is great for N, at just under 2 years old.

It’s really nice how this box of puzzles has increasing difficulty, so if you’re starting off with a younger toddler, you can start off with a couple of the easier ones to help them get the concept and then move on to the harder two once they’re more confident. Even the two piece jigsaws help little ones understand the idea of puzzles and how to place the two pieces together to complete the picture, and helps to build confidence as they are more achievable for such young children.

It’s been really nice to see N gaining more confidence in jigsaws, as I am a big puzzle lover myself (often doing the Ravensburger 1000 piece puzzles, which I have my own festive visit to Santa one on the go at the moment) so I was happy to see that she managed all of these puzzles, and she seemed to prefer the Reindeer and the Elf, with 4 and 5 pieces each, to give a little bit more of a challenge.

All of the pictures on the puzzles are lovely with bright colours and a cartoon style. I particularly liked the northern lights in the sky behind the reindeer which is really pretty! There is plenty to pick out and talk about with each of the pictures, and it’s a great way to familiarise little ones with all of the themes of the festive season.

These puzzles have been done over and over again by N, and I’m sure they will be done many more times between now and Christmas. It’s a lovely quiet activity, which helps her to focus and concentrate, and build her hand eye coordination when placing the pieces in the correct place. As with all of our Ravensburger puzzles, the quality is great with the puzzles still looking brand new after being played with and handled quite a lot, as the cardboard is very thick and durable.

Ravensburger My First Puzzle Christmas Friends is available from toy shops including Amazon, for RRP 5.99 which is great value for a set of 4, and we would definitely recommend.

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