Quick and Easy Tips to Help Create an Eco-Friendly Home

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It may be that you want to live a greener lifestyle to help the environment, to save money or just to see how easy it is. Every step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle is a positive one and can help the world you’re living in. Anyone who is just starting to live a green life may want to know sustainable ways to get started, perhaps only the easy things first. This guide to eco-friendly living is a great starting point, especially if you want to change home habits. The key here is to create a home you’re proud of and one that will survive our current climate change crisis. Below is a list of quick tips to help you next time you’re hunting for eco-friendly ways to change your family’s life. 

Reduce your water

Do you find you’re the type of family who uses an unwholly amount of water throughout your home? If so, reducing your water will not only mean you reap financial rewards when it comes to the bills, but it will also help save the planet. Turn off your water supply when you are brushing your teeth and ensure there are no leaky taps around the home. Clean water is a precious luxury we are lucky to have, yet so many people take advantage of it. 

Install smart lighting

Changing your lightbulbs to smart lighting could be the best change in your life. Smart lighting gives people the ability to walk into any room, and the lights will magically come on. Similarly, the lights will go off when the individual leaves the room. Many people have used this form of eco-friendly living over the last few years. Property and investment companies are using them more than ever. The likes of RW Invest provide smart lighting in many of their rental properties to residents as they believe eco-friendly properties create a better world. Smart lighting is ideal for those who are often forgetful but still want to do their bit for the environment. 

Create your own compost

If you’ve allowed your food to go a little past the ‘best by’ date, then you may want to think about composting it rather than simply putting it in the bin. Compost is a natural fertiliser which can keep your garden green, and it doesn’t cost anything to make. Simply use your food waste! Plus, it also to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, which is always good news. 

Use sustainable products

Chemically made products, especially those used for cleaning, are harmful to individuals using them and for the planet. Using sustainable products or those with natural ingredients is a much better option. Sustainable products such as canvas bags rather than plastic, reusable containers rather than throw away ones, and even DIY cleaning products all make a difference. They allow you to lead a much more earth-friendly lifestyle. 

Shop vintage

We all love some new clothes. However, consistently buying new clothing items from stores can be costly and bad for the environment. The new trend now is to buy vintage clothing pieces from charity shops or even through second-hand apps online. Vintage is all the rage now, which is why so many people are choosing to shop this way, the damage to your bank is smaller too.

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