Querkles is a new type of grown up colouring book with a twist. If you enjoy the detailed colouring pages, like I do, then you should give Querkles a try. The Querkles books are based on a colour by number method, which allows you to reveal detailed pictures. What makes it more interesting is that it’s not easy to tell what the picture is going to be until you’re half way through the picture, or even until you reach the end!

Querkles puzzling colour by number book

I was sent a copy of Querkles masterpieces, and some colouring pens (available in WH Smith) and have enjoyed completing the pictures. Each one takes a long time to complete – maybe 1 hour, or more.. depending if you take a break, so the book of 20 pictures would last a good while. I have been relaxing and colouring in the pictures while watching TV of an evening, especially while my other half has been working away. It is quite therapeutic and I always find them fun to do.

The Querkles books are by Thomas Pavitte, the author of the 1000 dot to dot series which is also really good!

When uncoloured, a page of Querkles looks like this, with lots of circles of different sizes each with a number from 1-5

querkles book uncoloured pageFor each number 1-5, you choose a different colour or shade, with 1 being the darkest and 5 being the lightest. You can choose 5 totally different colours, or shades of the same colour. You can even use 1 colour, and use different strokes to shade that section, making it heavier or darker: eg colouring it in solidly for 1, and in wide stripes for 5. There are clear instructions at the start of the book so that you know what to do.

querkles detailed colour by numbers

Here’s one of my finished Querkles pictures, which is an Egyptian Pharoah, Tutankhamon.

querkles colouring page, colour by number


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Good luck!