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Pyjama Pajama is an exciting new brand being developed by Caroline Kendal, the founder of the childrenswear e-tailer  After a number of years in childrenswear retail, working with established brands and new designers across all product categories, Caroline noticed that sleepwear is an area that is simply not exciting enough in the childrenswear market, although it is the product item that children spend the longest time wearing each day.  Therefore, she has decided to work towards launching a range that is unlike anything currently available.  She’s decided to approach the design, manufacture and launch differently and so has put together a project, which she’s launched on the crowd funding site, Kickstarter.
As well as giving their customers and fans the final say as to which designs they manufacture, Pyjama Pajama are also inviting designers to share in the success of their designs as they want to encourage the best designers to come and work with them and to inspire them to put together the best artwork for their ranges.
pyjama pajama dinosaur mood board
Mood Boards have been created to inspire the designs
As we all know, our kids wear pyjamas for a longer time each day than any other clothing in their wardrobes, so Pyjama Pajama’s intention is to make this clothing item more exciting for kids than anything else they have as well as extremely comfortable.  In fact, the style and cut of the ranges will be good enough for the tops to be worn as t-shirts during the day too.
pyjama pajama space mood board
However, although they’ve already had some great feedback, we need to help them generate some more interest in their Kickstarter project as their target market of mothers and grandparents are not natural followers of Kickstarter nor are they generally aware of crowd funding as a concept.  Therefore, generating interest for the project via crowd funding is generally more challenging for them than for many of the other sectors represented at Kickstarter.
pyjama pajama owls mood board
In sharing this post about Pyjama Pajama, I hope that I can persuade as many of you as possible to view their Kickstarter project and become a backer.  I’ve done it myself and backed the project, not only because I love the idea of well-made, comfortable inspirational pyjamas for my children but also because Pyjama Pajama are offering brilliant discounts to their Kickstarter backers. For an “Early Bird Investment” of just £10, you’ll get a pair of pyjamas at a massive discount of more than 50% off!  What’s more, if you’re not happy for any reason with the final designs, Pyjama Pajama have promised to refund you in full without any exception.  So, they’re offering a brilliant deal that’s not to be missed.
And for those of you who want to keep up with the development of the brand, they’ve also just set up a Facebook page for Pyjama Pajama, where they’l be posting lots of regular updates as to the progress of the project, so please do visit and like it
Once  the Pyjama Pajama project is up and running, I will be bringing you some reviews of the Pyjamas
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