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My favourite photo of the week is this one. They both look so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

spreadshirt kids clothes

They are posing because they are happy with their new lion tshirts! (If you like them, you can enter the giveaway for credit from the store they are from)

Coincidentally, this photo is actually taken on my phone (iPhone 5s) and the topic on the Better Photo Project this week is all about taking pictures with your phone and mobile photo editing.

This interests me quite a bit as I’m not really happy with the main camera I have, although I’m sceptical whether I really could rely on my phone camera so much.

The only photo app I really had on my phone is instagram. The above pic is on my instagram, but I haven’t added any filters to this particular one.

This weeks post on the Better Photo Project has loads of suggestions from other bloggers. I never really thought about how many different photo apps are out there. I did have to download a couple and have a play with them, so here are my photos.

Using After Focus:

afterfilter mobile photo editing app

This is a picture from our trip to Kew Gardens so not one taken this week, but I thought it may be a good one to edit.

I have used the manual edit on the app to add the focus areas, rather than the smart focus tool. I like that it lets you add Bokeh! That’s quite exciting for me! I think the bokeh work quite nicely in this shot, although it didn’t mesh well in some others I tried.

afterfilter mobile photo editing app

I tried the bokeh again here as there were twinkly lights in the shot, but unfortunately it doesn’t look too good?

afterfilter mobile photo editing app

Here I tried some of the filters of After Focus as well as changing the focus area. This is what I call Mr R’s pageant smile. If he sees someone is taking photos, he sometimes demands you take his picture too by shouting “cheese! cheese!” until you take it. He then poses with this cheesy grin. I have so many pictures like this, as he just insists on it. They all have the identical smile! I do find it very cute though.

afterfilter mobile photo editing app

Mr Z again edited with After Focus. I did try to implement last week’s tip again as you can see ๐Ÿ˜‰

Using Pic Tap Go

pic tap go mobile photo editing app

Using just one filter. I think this came out quite nicely, although his eye area looks really dark in this filter though for some reason!

pic tap go mobile photo editing app

This is three filters layered in Pic Tap Go. I have to say, it looks like overkill so I really need to learn what goes well and what works when layering filters, because this just does not work for me!

As always its fun to play with the pictures. I’m sure I will check out more of the apps as I get time. These are both paid apps (cheap though!) I will have a look at some of the free ones too.

I’m thinking about changing my camera into something better soon-ish so if any of you have a recommendation that you love and think is great value, do let me know in the comments!

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  1. I bought a new camera at the airport as I don’t like to rely on phones for holiday pics. It is a canon one, was quite cheap but seems to be decent, I will bring it over and you can try it.


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