Project 52:14

I’m a day late with this weeks Project 52 because we have been away at Parkdean Cherry Tree (near Great Yarmouth). I don’t ever bring my laptop with us on holiday, because I want to have a proper break and relax with the family. I’ll have a couple of posts up soon to share lots of pictures from our holiday and a full review of the park as well as the days out we went on.

This weeks photos are taken in our caravan while we were away, and are with my new lens! I forgot my camera battery charger, so my other half nipped into the camera shop to get me a new battery and came out with a lovely new lens for me too – such a nice surprise! He got me a 50mm lens that goes down to 1.8 on aperture, because he remembered I had mentioned I was thinking of getting one like that 😀 My other one is a zoom lens from 18-88mm (I think!) and goes down to only 2.4

So, here are the pictures:

Mr R

Project 52 Mr R

Mr R’s super cheeky face!

Mr T

Project 52 Mr T


He wanted to pose and say “cheeeeese” so his smile looks a bit fake. I find it so cute though, Mr T and Mr R when they see the camera will run and start shouting “cheese! cheese!”

Mr Z

Project 52 Mr Z


Mr Z’s thoughtful look 🙂 I’m not sure what he was contemplating!

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