Project 52:11

This week has been a quiet one. Every one in the house has been ill, one after the other, with a sore throat and flu-type virus. All the boys have been home from school and Mr Z missed his dressing up day for book week. We have mainly been relaxing at home, playing games, watching Disney Cars multiple times and that kind of thing! Luckily everyone seems to be getting a little better now so hopefully next week will be back to normal.

Here’s a photo of each of the boys from our week:


Mr Z: You can tell he has been under the weather as he’s not normally quite so still and quiet! He did perk up a bit, we took them to try out crazy golf for the first time as they had started to feel a little better.



Mr T: He is so into drawing “treasure maps” these days. I love the amount of detail he puts into them! This latest obsession is doing great things for his fine motor skills and pencil grip, definitely a good thing! πŸ˜€ He is so proud of his work.



Mr R: He’s been the recipient of a slightly dodgy hair cut last weekend (courtesy of a family member!) Β and because everyone got ill straight after that I haven’t been able to go and take him and get it sorted out!!

It’s been so Spring-like this week, and I have been so keen to get out and enjoy the sunshine with the boys, hunt for daffodils and all of that fun Spring stuff! Hopefully next week our photos will be a little more Spring-like and outdoorsy, as long as we can all get rid of these coughs and colds!

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23 thoughts on “Project 52:11”

  1. Aww….it’s not much fun feeling poorly but hopefully you’re all on the mend now
    A budding artist there.
    I cut my two boys hair…one’s in his 50’s and one in his 20’s! ;D
    You’d think they’d have had enough by now hehe
    Enjoy your Sunday!


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