Project 52 Week 29

Here are this week’s Project 52 photos:

Mr R

photo 3I love this photo. I took it on the way back from the school run, after dropping off the older two boys at nursery and school I have a walk back with Mr R. He loves to take his time, pointing out the colours of all the cars, trying to spot cats, reading the letters on the street signs and picking up sticks, along with his new game of jumping over all the cracks in the pavement. It’s so tempting to keep telling to hurry up especially in this crazy heat we are having, and I often do, but this day as I was starting to feel a little impatient, I suddenly remembered a great article I’d read on Facebook recently and really stopped myself. He’ll only be two for a few more weeks. Next term he will be starting nursery for a couple of days a week and in the blink of an eye he will be too big to want to stop and look at twigs and leaves, they really do grow up so fast! So I let him take his sweet time, and here he is racing his car all the way through the passage way near to our house. He gets so much enjoyment from these small things, and I feel so happy to watch him and his shadow running and jumping along in the summer sun (because toddler shadows are the cutest ever! Especially curly haired ones 🙂 ) It may look like just a regular old instagram photo, but I know this is one that’s going to stay dear to me, because that morning was one of those moments that you just want to freeze in time. The pretty normal moments, that are really nothing special, but hold their own magic memories; the moments of pure happiness in the simplest things.

Mr T

photo 2Mr T’s photo is also a special memory this week. This picture was taken after his last day at nursery. It’s such a big milestone for him to be moving on and ready to start school. I’m so proud of the progress he’s made over these two years in his nursery. He’s developed so much in every way, academically, socially and he is so much happier now than he was at three years old when he started there, unable to communicate and barely able to hear or make sense of the world around him. He’s going in to mainstream school with Mr Z, and although of course I’m pretty anxious and worried about all the things that will be more difficult for him, somehow my gut tells me that everything will work out. He’s an amazing boy. I really couldn’t be any prouder.

Mr Z

photo 1Mr Z’s photo was taken earlier today, and like Mr R’s it shows just one of these small but special moments. We were walking in our local Aquadrome and Mr Z just loves to run. He will run and ask me to time him, and try to beat his speed. He has so much energy, and so much enthusiasm. I hope he can always keep this with him as he grows up. I’m loving six. It’s such a great age for Mr Z, eager to learn and at the same time developing so much independence and even teaching me things.

Of course every child has their moments, and like every mum at times I don’t have the patience I should, or take the time to stop and notice all of the little things, but I feel so blessed to have these beautiful children. And while it feels so strange to think of Mr R leaving “two years old” behind, looking at Mr T and Mr Z I know that every age and stage brings its own magic with it.

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A little longer than my usual Project 52 posts I know! So here’s your bonus group shot:

Yes, It’s still not easy to get a posed group shot with everyone looking the right way and smiling!

22 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 29”

  1. Beautiful photos. I love those special moments you talk about it and I used to love it when my kids were little and I let them dawdle. I can also relate to the running everywhere and wanting to be timed – my daughter, who is 8, does that. Good luck to Mr T for starting school.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 20.7.14My Profile

  2. Gorgeous photos and a beautiful post Anna. I think when you have more than one child it really does hit you how fast the time goes and you want to savour every second don’t you.

  3. Lovely photos. It is hard to have all the patience in the world as you need with children but it’s so true what you say, they are only small for a small amount of time. We have to try and enjoy every minute we can, even if they do take ages to get somewhere LOL.
    LauraCYMFT recently posted…Me & You #7My Profile


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