Project 52:3 &The Better Photo Project

For this week’s Project 52, I have done one picture each of all the boys. Instead of capturing them busy playing or in a candid shot, I have asked them to stay still and look at the camera, but they still manage to show their personality in the photos.Β  For three photos of three brothers all next to pretty much plain cream background they have all ended up with quite different photos.

The only one who actually stays still and looks at the camera is Mr Z. The reason I did ask them to do that is for this week’s task in the Love All Blogs Better Photo Project – to focus on the eyes.

Photography focus on the eyes

I find this much easier with one who will stay still for more than 2 seconds, so Mr Z is great to practise with. I do think the final result would have been better if I kept all the previous points in mind and had better lighting too! Mr Z has very beautiful eyes. I may be biased as his mum, but he has been told this by lots of other people too so I like to think it’s true. He has great eyelashes, much longer and better than mine! Masha allah πŸ™‚ Even when he’s sitting still and posing, his eyes still show a bit of his cheeky character.
Photography focus on the eyes
Mr T struggles a little more with eye contact, although we don’t really notice this massively day to day I do notice when I’m trying to take photos. He will look at the camera some days, but that’s on his own terms and a lot of the time it’s if he wants to make a silly face so although sometimes I do get lucky and get a good shot looking at the camera, we also have a lot of pics of him looking down, looking sideways or looking at something else. That’s fine though, as that reflects him! I still tried my best to focus on the eyes despite that he wouldn’t look!

Photography focus on the eyes

Mr R was also not that easy to focus because he is very active and he was moving too quick! I do find with him that every time I have the focus point lined up on the camera, he will move! This results in a lot of blurry pictures so my technique with him has to be to take lots and hope for the best!! This is the only non blurred photo I got on this occasion, and although it’s still not the sharpest I do like it because it shows his personality. You can tell he was on the move and about the run off again!

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