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This popcorn Sheep, or lamb (whichever you prefer!) is a fun and cute craft to make with kids. My boys love to eat popcorn when we go to the cinema, but we don’t often use it for crafting so this idea has a great novelty factor for them. Your kids are sure to enjoy making pictures from popcorn, even if they do sneak a few bites while making! It has a great texture for crafting and the feel, taste, and smell of using popcorn to make pictures gives an added sensory element to your art project.

Did you know that National Popcorn Day is on 19th January? It’s a great excuse to experiment with popcorn crafts, as well as enjoying eating the stuff!


Materials Needed

Construction paper- brown, white and black
1 cup popped popcorn
School glue (liquid is best)
Black paint or marker

supplies for popcorn sheep craft


From the white paper- cut one large oval and a smaller oval.
These will be for the body and head. (refer to photo)


From the black paper- cut two legs by making a long rectangle, then rounding one of the ends as
the “hoof”.

From the brown paper- cut out a shape that resembles a rounded edge heart (refer to photo), this will be for the face, and 2 ovals for the ears.


Glue the small white oval slightly over the large one, glue the brown heart shaped piece onto the small oval.
This makes the head. Glue on the ears and paint or draw the face. (refer to photo)


Squirt the glue all over the body , lightly press popcorn down onto it and allow to dry.


Ta daa.. your popcorn sheep is finished! The texture of the popcorn looks like the sheeps fluffy fur!

I hope your kids enjoy this craft. For more ideas, be sure to follow us on Pinterest and don’t forget to pin this idea for later.

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popcorn sheep or lamb craft for kids
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