Alphabet Crafts for Kids: Letter B

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Making letter crafts is a great way to familiarise kids with each of the letters of the alphabet. If you’re following a letter of the week approach, then I hope these ideas will be useful to fit in among your various letter activities of the week – or if you’re taking a less structured route to learning the letters with your kids, you could just pick any letter that interests them, like the letters in their own names.

I came across the Preschool Activities account on Instagram, that has a great collection of letter activities that they’ve done with their preschool class and they kindly allowed me to share them with you. Here are the ideas for the letter B

(If you missed the letter A crafts, see those here)

All of these letter B crafts focus on the upper case letter B.

B is for Bumble Bee

Make your yellow letter B, and just add black stripes, googley eyes and a pair of wings and you have yourself a buzzing bumble bee letter B!

Letter B Bumble Bee Craft

B is for Bear

Make your B is for bear craft on paper, or as a stand alone craft. Cut out paws for the hands and feet, and a pair of ears, along with a round nose and googly eyes and kids can easily put together a cute B for Bear craft.

Letter B Bear craft

Letter B Bear alphabet craft for kids

More Crafts and activities to go with the Letter B theme

B is for… Bumble Bee made from a cardboard tube

B is for…Baymax made from a paper plate

B is for… Batman Sensory Bin

B is for…. Basic Maths with Buttons

B is for… Bubble Painting

B is for… Bubble Wrap Print Painting

Arabic Alphabet

Baa is for Battah: Paper Plate Duck

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Cute Letter B Crafts for kids learning the letters of the alphabet

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