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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have been the most eagerly awaited games in our house for quite some time. My kids are huge Pokemon fans, so they couldn’t wait to get their hands on this! Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are out on Nintendo 3DS systems and are the seventh generation of Pokemon games. Since each game has it’s own story, they’re just as suitable whether you’ve played the previous games or are a new Pokemon fan.

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Like the other Pokemon games on Nintendo DS systems, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon centre around  discovering, collecting and training your Pokemon as you move through the game, beating the regions Pokemon league.

Pokemon Moon takes place in a new Pokemon region, the Alola region, and introduces some new Pokemon – which my kids were very excited to find out about. There are three new “starter” Pokemon: Rowlet, Litten and Popplio who evolve into more advanced forms as you progress with them through the game.


There are also new Alolan forms of some of the familiar old Pokemon; you’ll see them with slightly different appearances and they also fight differently with new moves! The new Pokemon that you get in the game will be slightly different for Pokemon Sun, and Pokemon Moon.


Another new addition to the game is Z moves, which are super powerful moves. Z tells me that the Z moves have from 85-500 power, so if your original poison move is poison sting 10power then your Z-Move should have 90-120power. If you original fire move is V-create 180power then your Z-Moves power should have 300-495power. Z-Moves can be use once per battle.


There’s also a new Poke-finder feature where you can take pictures of pokemon, which my kids enjoy.

Another new feature added is the Festival Plaza, where you can Trade,Battle and Share. You can also level up your castle and do other fun things. As with all of the Pokemon games, Pokemon Moon is quite social as you can trade Pokemon with other players, or battle against them using the six Pokemon you choose to put in your battle box. As we have three massive Pokemon fans here at home, they always enjoy the chance to battle each other!

Thanks to the portable nature of the Nintendo 3DS, it’s easy to meet up with friends and play together too, or you can even use the Internet with newer titles.

Battling is also a little different in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Battle Royale is a new battle style that pits four trainers against each other, all versus all! This can be played with three other human players in multiplayer. Try to be the last Pokémon standing! Pokemon can now call for help and bring another pokemon to the battles. Instead of Gym battles in Pokemon Moon, there are Trails which are a series of wild pokemon encounters. The last pokemon you battle in a Trail will be a Toeatm pokemon, which is a pokemon with one powered up stat! There  are about  12 Trails. When you complete a Trail you get a Z-Crystal! You can Z-Crystals to use Z-Moves!

If you, or your kids, are into Pokemon then I would definitely recommend getting your hands on the new game – whether Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon. It’s been a massive hit here – 20 years on from the original Pokemon games it seems that Pokemon have their fans captivated just as much as ever!

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are available from all good game shops, or you can buy them via the Nintendo e-store. There are also limited edition Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Nintendo 2ds and 3ds consoles that you can buy, with Pokemon designs on the DS itself.


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