The Great Christmas Present Game

If you’re looking for a fun game this Christmas, that’s a little bit different, take a look at The Great Christmas Present Game from Present Finder.

The Great Christmas Present Game, and is based on an old Danish gift giving tradition. It’s a super fun concept that’s been designed and developed exclusively by The Present Finder and works really well for family gatherings, or any get togethers over Christmas.

To play the game, each player brings two wrapped gifts to the game to form a large pile of presents (or the host could provide them all if preferred) and then the challenges commence.

We were sent the game and a big pile of presents from The Present Finder so we were all set to get playing!


The challenge cards are included in the game, and each player takes turns to pick one and follow the instructions on it, which might help them gain a new present – or maybe have to give one away! You may be asked to sing your favourite carol for a present, you may be lucky and receive a present from the person with the biggest ears (there’s even a tape measure included for accurate measuring!) or you may even be super lucky and get to pinch a present of your choice from another player!


There are a lot of cards included, so you can use different ones each time. You use more cards if you have more players included in the game, as the more cards in play, the longer the game duration will be.


The game is very easy to understand, so in that sense it’s suitable for age 3+ but it will depend on each child whether they get upset when having to lose presents during the game, and whether the younger ones have the ability to wait until the end of the game to open the presents that they’ve won (as they might need to swap them or pass them on later in the game!)

We played with kids aged 5, 6 and 8 and they were all really excited to play and loved the concept of the game, but the younger ones did find it hard to part with their presents at times.


As long as you do have plenty of presents to go around though, and they get used to the concept of passing on their presents during the game then it is great for even young kids to enjoy. My boys did love the challenge cards, and were all happy unwrapping all of their presents at the end of the game!

Everybody is a winner in this game, with a grand unwrapping of gifts at the end where everybody comes away with new treats. It’s a great game to spin a twist on traditional family Secret Santa gift giving, and is even a fun way to up-cycle some unwanted Christmas presents after the big day.

Since you’ll have different presents included each time, that brings variety and makes the game different each time too.


Visit the Present Finder website to find out more about the game, and buy it

The game is available for 14.99

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