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We have a new addition to our playroom decor – a wall sticker playroom chalkboard. I have been meaning to create a blackboard wall for a while, but the vinyl adhesive chalkboard was such an easy solution and I’m pretty happy with how it looks in the room.


The chalkboard is from Redcandy and is 50 x 100cm. This size would also work well for a kitchen as it’s not too huge that it would dominate the whole wall. We placed the chalkboard in our reading area above the sofa. I think it adds a nice touch and is in keeping with the playful theme of them room as the boys can decorate it with their drawings and designs which are then on display for anyone in the room to see.

To apply the wall sticker, you need to take a few steps and make sure it’s done properly. There are some wall stickers which you simply peel and stick onto the wall. This is not one of them, so I did enlist my husband to apply this to the wall. I just don’t trust myself not to do it wrong and ruin it! But from what I could see, it was pretty simple really.

How to apply the playroom chalkboard wall sticker

  • First, make sure the section of wall is clean, dry and free from any bumps or debris
  • Mix a solution of water and a tiny bit of washing up liquid into a spray bottle and apply this to the wall.
  • Leave the backing paper on and tape the chalkboard to the wall, use a spirit level to make sure it is straight and even.
  • Slowly peel off the backing paper bit by bit, pressing the chalkboard sticker on to the wall as you go and making sure that there are no bubbles or wrinkles
  • After you have done this for the whole chalkboard sticker, use a credit card or other stiff card to smooth over the whole surface and remove the remains of any of the spray liquid which may come out from the wall underneath.

After applying using this method, our chalkboard looked great. It’s very smooth and looks professional and neat. It’s a very smooth texture, and of course being a sticker it lies so close to the wall with no depth at all. Compared to hanging a traditional wooden framed blackboard this is definitely a space saver and a more practical option for young children’s playrooms.

smooth wall playroom chalkboard

It’s great for all sorts of creative games and activities too. We love playing with chalk out in the garden but when its rainy outside that does not have to stop our chalk activities now as we can just move over to the playroom wall!



Most paper and pencil games will work really well on a chalk board. We like to use it for:

  • Spelling games
  • Maths games
  • Naughts and crosses / tic tac toe
  • Draw a town
  • Draw a road and drive cars on the wall
  • Draw train tracks and drive drains on the wall
  • Pictionary
  • Copying shapes and letters
  • Dots
  • Boxes

And lots more! If you have great ideas, then please do share them with me in the comments or if you have a blog post with chalk activities come share it on my Facebook page!

Here’s a wider view of the room with the chalkboard wall. You can see more about our playroom and toy storage system here. It has changed a little since then, but not too much. The sofa is actually a new addition to the playroom, and is the Knopparp two seater sofa from Ikea. I kind of wanted the bright sunny yellow one but it was out of stock when we went – oh well! The blackboard definitely adds a great finishing touch to the area.


This blackboard sticker is available from Red Candy for £23.00 which I think is a great price! It’s very affordable and I’m sure works out cheaper and easier than using chalk board paint, and definitely quicker!

There are other shapes and designs available too if you want something more ornate or even animal shapes. They do a shark, a pig, a hedgehog and plenty of others, which would look really fun in a playroom or kids play space.

The wall stickers are designed to be removed easily enough without damaging the paint work underneath, but they are not reusable once they have been removed.

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We were sent the blackboard wall sticker in order to review. No payment was received and full editorial control retained. 

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