Lion Guard Leap and Roar Kion Review

If your kids watch Disney Junior, they’ve probably come across The Lion Guard, which features Kion as a key character. Kion is the son of famous Lion King lions, Simba and Nala and is a great and loveable character that my kids have really taken to. All of my children enjoy the Lion Guard show, but it’s great for my 5 year old in particular.

I was sure that he and his brothers would enjoy this new Leap and Roar Kion, which has lots of interactive features rather than just being a plush toy.


As you can see, Kion has the Lion Guard mark displayed on his shoulder just like in the TV show, and has a plush soft feel, although there are mechanics inside to allow him to move so it’s not a cuddly toy that your child would take to bed.

Leap and Roar Kion does look very accurate to the TV show and will be instantly recognisable to kids who watch it. The detail and quality of the toy is very good.


Kion’s mouth opens as he roars, and you can change the position easily from standing into sitting, by pressing down on his back. To allow Kion to leap, you start from this sitting position and then press down to allow him to jump up and leap forward into the standing position.


We did find that Kion didn’t leap as far or as dramatically as we had hoped, but the kids still enjoyed activating his leap, and in particular the sound effects. Kion has 10 character sounds, including phrases from the show (like “Lion Guard defend”) and his trademark roar. He also has a motion sensor inbuilt so that he will roar as you walk past him.

Watch this short video to see some of Kion’s sound effects:

Leap and Roar Kion is a very cute toy, and would definitely be a hit with any children who enjoy the new Lion Guard TV show and characters.

Lion Guard Leap and Roar Kion is available from all good toy shops including, for around RRP £39.99. The toy is recommended mostly for boys and girls of around 3-6 years


We were sent the toy in order to review

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